Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Of yarn-bombing and public hooking

Although, obviously, we'll...hook :-)

Here's some of the tools for our first little yarn bomb:

I'm also hoping to get to a flower for the fence of the nursery school with the very, very unhappy owner nearby...

And Wednesday 12 June, we'll go for a coffee (ah, that's not new...but Tribeca haven't hosted us :-)

Who else is taking part?? 


homemade@myplace said...

...it would be lovely to join you!!!!!
have fun, xxxx Ale

Anonymous said...

I did't know it was yarnbombing day but I do have a plan to do some, it'll just be a little late!!

Annette - MyRoseValley said...

Yarn bombing!!?? I want to hear all about it when you're done. Especially the grumpy neighbor part. :D Amsterdam was grey and cloudy for me too but still beautiful. I am sure there will be a new event coming up soon. You should join. Would be fun to meet you in person. :D

My Rose Valley