Wednesday, 14 August 2013

To crochet a basketball net

I hit the crochet wall.

As in dead-on.

Not that there aren't enough on the hooks, or the lists or in my head!  Maybe there are too much.  

Couldn't get myself to pick up TGRB, or the mezzaluna (it's soooo nearly done), or work away ends, or ANYTHING.

Lucky for me, we had a long weekend, so I wallowed a bit, did nothing and read a lot, and on Saturday went for breakfast and a browse at one of our favourite markets.  Upon our return, parking in front of the garage, I looked straight up at the tattered remains of the boys' basketball net, and I "struck the (dash)board and hollered 'No more! I will hook! (if not abroad now)".
(thank you, George Herbert.  Always liked this poem :-)

And I yelled "Take me to the wall!", and I searched a full 12 hours until I found the bamboo standing right there, right in front of my eyes, and quickly hooked a brand-new net:

First attached to the ring with two SC, and a chain between hooks.

Then hook a chain of 30 stitches to obtain a nice, wide loop.

I continued with these 30 st chains, each time hooking with a SC into a loop of the previous row.  After ±3 or 4 rows, I shortened to 25 st.

Yes, looks like it might be working.
(I used a nr 4 hook)

I used this bamboo yarn, can't remember the name, but it was dirt cheap - maybe because of the splitting...

My assistant Waka doing his bit


I even "wet-blocked" hung it :-)  Sprayed with with water and pulled everything evenly out.

Looks good, works well!

For a photo-tutorial for a mini indoor-ring, have a look at Sarah's method, where I got the first bit of direction.


Gerlene said...

Jy is baie snaaks. I still think it is ingenious!!!! Totally. So cool.

Sandra (Cherry Heart) said...

Ha ha, brilliant! You truly can do anything with crochet!

S x

Julia said...

you rock hard !!

greenthumb said...

Wow thats great, many game to come.

Annie Cholewa said...

Well done! Is there anything you can't crochet?!

Annette - MyRoseValley said...

Clever lady. Well done you. I am not sure I could have crochet a basket ball net. Suddenly you have taken crochet to a totally new level. :D

Your comment yesterday... The sweetest. It made my day and will become a quote on my crafty note board. Thank you!!!

Surfed through Sanna & Sanias blog (it is wonderful isn't it?) and I read a comment from you about the rosie bed linen. You can find them at IKEA. I don't know if you have IKEA around but I have one... I think they cost around 30 USD a set. Thought I would let you know. If you REALLY want some I can help you. Or maybe it is possible to order online???

Cheerio my friend
My Rose Valley

Stel said...


Unfortunately, Ikea doesn't seem to view South Africa as a viable investment opportunity. If only they knew...but fear not, as we have a new company who imports in bulk and on order, so I'll try my luck through them!

wood & wool stool said...

How cool that is!

Stel said...

:-D Lots and lots and lots, Annie!

homemade@myplace said...

so clever!!!! I love it!!!
xxxxx Ale

Sucrette said...

hahaha :) First time I see that! Clever and cute idea!

Unknown said...

Jy is SO slim!
C x

Unknown said...

Clever lady. Well done you. I am not sure I could have crochet a basket ball net. Suddenly you have taken crochet to a totally new level. :D
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