Tuesday, 15 July 2014

But which one shall I make?

I realised I'm living in total denial about the amount of work to be done before my sisi arrives from Ireland next week, that my boy needs to build a tower structure for school, that I have uncountable WIPS, one of which Must Be Finished when said sisi arrives.

Because instead of doing anything, I'd go the avoidance route and gaze at the yarns in my cabinet, 'specially this one...

See how soft and squishy (and bright) this is?

(See how soft and squishy you can edit an out-of-focus photo?)  

So I ignored all calls to responsibility and set about on a Ravelry search for projects in this specific yarn...I opened so many tabs I almost couldn't see them.  

Here's my longlist of 7:

All of them.  I want to make ALL.

I asked the ladies at Ons Hekel what they think I must do...seems nr 3 and 7 are the front-runners!
Mmmm...I  do have plans...since I have more than just the coral...but that's for another day.

What would you do with bight orange malabrigo?

Have you made one of these?

Help a sistah out.