Monday, 29 June 2015

Meanwhile, beanies

One day I was still contemplating the next topic for Blog Week and the next day it was the (end of ) the next month.

How does that happen?

Where did the days go???

The Summer Throw aka Projek Bohemia has long been finished - except for the ends...which is way I can really boast about it :-P
(where it started, and proof that it is actually finished)

So I did what I always do and that is Something Else.  In this instance, I made beanies:

First off, one for Sensei Lilian:

It was her birthday and she wanted something in black and white and "that green you're working with".  I said I refuse to do those colours but I'll do it in charcoal and she will like it. So I used Elle Classic Wool Blend for the charcoal, Drops Cotton Light in natural (frustration, frustration, the SPLITting!) and a little bit of lefover Vinnis Nikkim in Khaki.

I just recently made my first popcorns, so popcorns it had to have and I love making those!

And she loved the beanie. 

A Boy Beanie 

Completed at last was a beanie for little boy Michal whom I have promised something crocheted so long ago that I'm positively ashamed of myself.  So he gets this blue number in unlabelled handspun merino from either cowgirl blues of Karoo Moon. 

A Girl Beanie

Mich has a sister Lize who has been waiting even longer.  Mom said a slouchie would do, and stripey with pink (and I'm also not so fond of sugary pink), so it's more of a cerise with whatever matched.
And popcorns :-)

And while I'm procrastinating, a twistie:

Anneke had half the country making twisties last winter, so I had to catch up.  1 ball of King Cole Riot was enough, and I decided to make it in granny stripes instead of dc's.  I also made it a bit narrower, but higher, and quite like that. 

So now all of those are out of the way, I can go back to working away the ends working on the Cheap & Cheerful blanket start a new poncho knit something frog that knit something new...

But first, a hunting weekend.  It's school holidays! I promised myself I'd finish something during the holiday, so as also, the hooky will go along and be worked on next to the fire.