Wednesday, 29 March 2017

What I'm working on in March


Oh my soul, this is horrid.  

Well, almost nothing.

Just when I thought that all busyness would come to a stop, that knitting is good for the trigger finger and I could knit away at speed, I woke to the fact that March is the month of all kinds of orals and assessments at school for the little one, a public holiday and long weekend with no knitting, countdown for the husband's Ironman this weekend and Test Cycle for the eldest..and some more in between. And suddenly my myasthenia eyes kicked in after years of no symptoms, so I've been cross-eyed with double vision for a week now.  Back to meds, realised I'm actually over-medicating and it's happily slowly returning to normal.  

I worked up to Section 7 of the Find My Fade.  

Had to balance on the couch to get this photot!  It will be enormous, I'm just past halfway. 

You know, this pattern...isn't a difficult pattern, but it could have been written better.  Very simple issues makes it very frustrating at times and more experienced knitters have thrown it down.  I do love how the colour melting is developing and think I should have added the greyish colour I discarded, but all is working out fine.  There might be a small yarn stash growing in similar colours, for myself...and there might even be another pile being assembled...for myself :-D  I saved Malabrigo sock for almost three years now, waiting for the perfect pattern!

Fearlessly frogging.  Weekly.  

There was some simple sewing.  That familiar story of buying the fabric, taking the old cushion covers off...waiting three years to take the next step and then completing the job in half a morning!

The back of a curtain panel for the landing window - No other photos :-(  So marvel at my neat folding and ironing, and behold: no pins ;-)

And this year we happily subcontracted our Ironman supporter's t-shirts to a friend whose business is branding...I might have driven them slightly mad with changing font size and spacing until I was happy!I love the pow they added and we'll be some very visible supporters on race day Sunday.

The lime green ones - that's us :-D

I have no hope that April might be sis is coming to visit for three weeks! We WILL get to visit Linda's Treehouse, a lovely local dyer, during which more yarn might be acquired...we WILL find time to sit down ;-)

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

What I'm working on in February

...except that February is already a thing of 7 days past!

The month is too short.  And hot.  A filled with athletic meets and swimming galas and school outings.  

But I did progress with a few items!

The Parallelogram is done!  Except for the ends.

Progress on the cowl - I'll need one more round.

I started to practise to Find Any assured, this was version 3 or 4 of maybe 37

The Fade started to resemble a sheep's scull.  Or a bovine uterus.

I'm actually getting somewhere!

Well, there is progress...and I decided that life is too short to attain perfection on this project, so I'll live with the imperfections, such as the dropped stitch (I rescued it in some way), the colour change that happened too early, Lace Play 2 and 3 that Do Not resemble Lace Play 1...but it's laceish.  And the shape is following the plan, sort of :-D

When I finish this, I'll redo it in Proper Yarn!

(I also sewed a skirt for a friend who's even more challenged that I am, sewing-wise...but we did it.  It looks like she planned it, it can be worn in public :-D  )