Sunday, 28 August 2011

Klaar! 'n Giant Granny Square kombers

Een Giant Granny Square kombers is klaar gehaak! 

Ek het so gekyk na Sucrette se uitdaging: begin met 'n Granny en haak net al in die rondte, al in die rondte, tot dit 'n kombers word so groot en bont soos jy wil hê.  Mmm, was nie regtig die plan nie, maar toe dag ek, ag wat, laat ek net sien...en begin met so klein blokkie...

...en dit het nie te sleg gelyk, toe gaan ek maar verder, want dink toe: Ha! Kan mos hierdie in 'n kombers maak vir die Mannetjie.

So, toe word dit my mobiele projek.

In die kar as ek wag, of ons iewers heen ry.

In die parkie.

Saans na storietyd.

Op 'n jag langs die vuur (dís lekker warm!)

Ek wou gaan tot 100 rondtes, maar het gou gesien dit gaan bietjie, eh...groot raak.  Toe mik ek vir 60.  En toe ek op 54 kom, is dit sommer genoeg.  Die plan was nie om 'n enkelbedgrootte te haak nie, net so lekker kleintjie vir lê-voor-die-tv, of in-die-kar, of speel-op-die-mat, 54 rondtes is perfek. 

Kon nie wag om met Die Rand te begin nie!  Ek hou van Die Rand, kan verstaan waarom mense liries raak daaroor.  Jy is al so moeg vir die steke van Die Kombers dat jy nie kan wag vir die afwisseling nie :-)

Die Rand: 3 rye trebles. Of doubles, watter taal jy ook al praat.  En eindig met 'n ry half tr. 

Die rand het wel so bietjie frillerig geword...En ek dink ek het die fout gekry, daar waar die granny clusters oorgang in gewone tr, moes ek dalk net 2 steke in die cluster gehaak het (hoe het ek 3 reggekry? ) en albei moes dieper gegaan het, soos die een in die kettingspasie.?

O wel.  Sal onthou vir volgende keer. 

Intussen is 'n gawe kombers klaar! O, en daar is 'n twist in die middel.  Het gelees mense kla oor 'n twist, on nie verstaan...tot ek ver genoeg kom en sien my square is nou skeef! EN word al skewer!  Oplossing is toe om elke slag die werk te draai (nie geweet); dus, nie net in die rondte te gaan, maar telkens van voor en dan van agter te werk.  Daarsy, geen twist meer nie, behalwe die eerste 15 rye, en nou dink ek dit lyk eintlik nogal nie te sleg.  Dalk doen ek volgende keer weer 'n twist :-)

Klaar.  Een snoeskombers vir een seuntjie.

One Giant Granny Square blanket is finished!

I looked at Sucrette' challenge: start with a Granny and just hook in the round, in the round, until it grows to a blanket, as large and colourful as you want it. Mmm, wasn't really the plan, but then I thought...WTH and started with a liiittle didn't look too bad, so I continued, 'cause I thought THIS could grow into a snuggle blanket for the Little Man.

So, it became my Mobile Project.
 In the car, while I'm waiting, or while we're driving somewhere.  In the park.  At night after storytime. By the fire on a hunting weekend.I

 wanted to go to 100 rounds, but quickly realised it would be a bit...big. So I aimed for 60, but when I reached 54 it looked fine.  it didn't want to hook to a single bed size, just large enough to snuggle with in front of the tv, or in the car, or to play with. 54 rounds are perfect.

 Couldn't wait to start with The Edge. I like The Edge, can understand why people wax lyrica about The Edge, 'cause you're so tired of all the same stitches, it's a treat to do something else!-)
 The Edge: 3 rows trebles. Or doubles, depends on your English. Ending with a row half tr. 
It did become a bit frilly. Think I found the mistake - where I joinee the tr into the granny cluster, I should have hooked only 2 st into the cluster? Don't know how I managed 3, maybe should hook deeper.
O wel.  Will remember next time

Meanwhile, its a NICE blankie. O, and there's a twist in the centre. Read about The Twist, didn't quite understand, until I got to row 15 and realised the squeare is becoming skewed!  So I duly turned the worked from then on, after each row, and now quite like the effect, with The Twist in the centre of the blanket :-).  Might just do it like that, on purpose, next time.
Done. One snuggle blanket for my boy.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

August Photo Scavenger Hunt

    As usual, armed with (un)trusty old Nokia, I went about my daily wonderings, keeping an eye out for the themes of the month.  Where last month I couldn't find a kite if life depended on it, this month I attended a kite day!
    Couldn't find a funfair. And you know what...there will be one, nearby, over the weekend - but I'm not going that way!  Sigh. Can't win.
    But I found ...
    1. Streetfood  - in the form of jaffles with curried mince. A national treasure, to be found at every church bazaar (fete) in the country.
    2. A boat - outside the preschool, which is housed in an old Scout's Hall.  Lot of sad, unused boats about.
    3. Something ancient - this is where I cheated a little.  Was tempted to use a shot of my old MP3 player that I unearthed from a box after 9 yrs, but then remembered this: A Welwitschia mirabilis and me, taken in the Namib Desert in April. This one should be several hundred years old (I told my boys it eats naughty boys that can't sit still in the car...).
    4. Something bizarre..I really can't think what on earth this means...apart from maybe drawing attention to the best coffee shop in the world just on the right?
    5. A market. Taken at the vintage stall of the weekly "boeremark" (farmer's market) in Pretoria.
    6. A fountain.
    7. Fabric.  To be quilted?  Lovely old piece at my MIL.
    8. Mmmm...the loveliest bread, at above-mentioned market.
    9. A picnic, weekly, waiting outside the gymnastics hall for my Little Man, the big brother.
    10. Sport - A sad, forlorn hockey stick. Who left it right there, behind the fountain?
    11. Mountain - Kite Day on top of the Magaliesberg, just west of Pretoria.
    I like this. Bring it on, September!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Projek Lees-Nou-Klaar

Geruime tyd nou al dwaal hier so klompie boeke deur die huis, - langs die bedkassie, op die klavier, weggesteek onder die hopie papiere...alles aangeskaf op uitverkoping of tweedehands of met goeie intensies, maar dit word Net Nie Gelees Nie.

So het ek van hulle begin bymekaar skraap...en daar's ± 28 boeke op die gekonsolideerde stapel!  Ag en twintig!

(Ek het vandag 'n nuwe boekrak gekry en een hele rakkie van daardie grote boekrak gaan nét vir Ongeleesde Boeke wees).

Dus. Ek gaan 'n lys maak (het al begin van die jaar, toe was daar 15).  Maar gaan nou weer 'n lys maak en dan gaan probeer om ten minste elke 2e week een van daardie boeke te vat en net klaar te kry.  Party is dun en vinnig (Rugby agter doringdraad - Gerhard Viviers), of dun en stadiger (How to study the Bible), party is...umm, boekrakstutte? (Agaat...).

Here goes, hier is die lys, in geen spesifieke volgorde, en soos ek my nuwe boekrak volpak, mag ek uit enige kamer in die huis nóg fondse kry...
  1. Mahala - Chris Barnard
  2. Fascinating Womanhood - Helen Andelin
  3. The man who loved the Zulus - J F Scutt
  4. How to study the Bible - John MacArthur
  5. Suid-Afrika 'n Toekomsperspektief - (uit 1981!)
  6. 7 Things you had better nailed down (before all hell breaks loose) - Roger Wolgemuth
  7. Knowledge in the blood - Jonathan Jansen
  8. Star of the morning - Pamela Jooste
  9. People like ourselved - Pamela Jooste
  10. Versamelde Gedigte - Eugéne Marais
  11. Prester John - John Buchan
  12. Taras Bulba - Nicholas Gogol
  13. Rugby agter doringdraad - Gerhard Viviers
  14. 'n Plaaswinkel naby Oral - Abraham de Vries
  15. Armosyn van die Kaap  - Karel Schoeman
  16. Frieda and Min  - Pamela Jooste
  17. On the back roads - Dana Snyman
  18. Coconut - Kopano Matlwa
  19. The Five Love Languages
  20. Black Diamond - Zakes Mda
  21. A Journal for Jordan - Dana Canedy
  22. I am a cloud, I can blow anywhere - Jonathan and Shirley Tulloch
  23. John - Niall Williams
  24. Nelson Mandela, by Himself
  25. The boy who harnessed the wind - William Kwamkwamba & Bryan Mealer
  26. The bridge on the river Kwai - Pierre Boulle
  27. Agaat - Marlene van Niekerk
  28. Holding up the sky - Sandy Blackburn Wright
  29. The highly sensitive child - Elaine Aron
  30. The girl with the dragon tattoo - Stieg Larrson
Dis 30!  En ek's nou besig met die laaste 2. 

Wat's volgende?

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Ravelry Blog-Along 2

I knew I wasn't going to make the weekly updates, so I aimed for monthly, and already I am late!  So here goes, in the middle of the week...

(Apologies...Blogger is playing games with my layout and fonts today)

Knucks” fingerless gloves (knit)

I couldn't find the pattern for the Knucks, hid it away so successfully...BUT I found a pattern for fingerless gloves, knitted with only two needles (apparantly it's usually done with 4?).  Now, I'm in two minds about this.  The pattern is described as easy, which it actually is, but there are parts that are a bit difficult to figure out.  Figured out I did, because I finished the right hand quite easily, but am stuck with the left hand now and actually had to unravel 4 fingers. I WILL finish it, and before this winter is over!  Will wear it, if only for 5 min early one morning.  And then I'm going to knit the same for my husband (on request) in a blue/green/brown self-stripe, to use when he hunts (being a walk-and-stalk bow hunter). And then I'm going to knit some more of these, because it's just so nice to wear. 

 Two cushions for the little beach house

These have been crocheted, super-quick, although I understand now why people describe some acrylics as 'nasty'...these came free with a crochet magazine and although the colours are nice, it was...nasty to work with.  I love the final result. Now to find the right fabric to do the back!


Blanket for Baby M (done!)
Done, delivered and waiting for baby M to arrive, hopefully in two weeks.

Well on the way and enjoying it!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Spinning round like a record

Dis nou ek, al spinnende.  Vat en los en vat en los.

Tussen hekelprojekte...

Giant Granny Square, nou op rondte 30.


Regterkant was gebeur daar links, sal moet hulp inroep.

...nuwe kombuis insettle...

Nog baie goed wat rondlê, maar als gaan 'n plekkie kry.

Teen die lig geneem, verskeie bokse gaan nog verdwyn hier, maar kyk net hoe great is my winkeltoonbank! 

...nuwe gang en gaste toilet verf...

Waka doen sy ding

...plantjies vir die tuin...

Vanmiddag met die manne

...voorskool se resepteboek wat amper klaar is

Met 'n designer voorblad !

...en ek wil net gaan sit en lees...

Wat ongelees in my boekrak lê en wag...

En Gautrein gaan ry met kids!

Gautrein se eerste ritte van Hatfield gister

(Moet wel seker nou bieg dat my great Assistent, Algemene Bestuurder en nou Verwer, Waka eintlik verf...).

I am literally spinning.

Between crochet projects, gloves to knit, settling into the new kitchen, painting the new guest WC & passage, finishing the preschool's recipe book...and I just want to sit down and read. And take the boys for a joyride on the new Gautrain!
(Eh...must confess that it's actually my great Assistant, General Manager en now Painter Waka who'd doing the painting...)