Wednesday, 21 March 2012

PCH...Mapping my way

So the (new) workroom's floor has been sanded and oiled, and the walls have been painted, masking tape removed from the wardrobe's doors and I'm slowly starting to re-pack everything that was shoved into the spare bedroom...

(shiny new floor, "Worn Wood" walls, by Plascon,  piles of childrens book to be sorted)

and in between I'm browsing a bit on Pinterest, and during the week I saw this:

which sent me running back to the just-opened wardobe to grab a WIP I started a while ago, originally inspired by a similar cushion seen on the Foxs Lane blog if I remember right, embroidered with their route:

Confirrmation that it should be done, came in the form of this fabric that I had Roman blinds made up with:

So what am I doing??

Mapping our travels on two continental pillows!

One will have our individual trips, and the other those that we made as a family. I've already stitched most of the destinations and planned to finish the flight routes today, but alas, the public holiday only allowed  me half an hour.

I have encountered some difficulties:
  • an ancient map print with probably pre-WW1 geo-political borders (Prussia, anyone?)
  • a map that is not to scale...
  • and seriously warped
  • and very very faint printing on a small small map (was sitting with Google Maps on my iPhone to try and figure out where exactly approximately to place Prague, Saskatoon and Karlovy Vary!).
So, to do still:
  • stitch the flight paths and  few remaining destinations
  • maybe stitch the names of the cities, as the borders are a bit confusing
  • maybe stitch a heading for each cushion.
Any ideas/recommendations?


Sandra (Cherry Heart) said...

Looks like the room is coming on - well done!

I like the stitching idea too - what a great momento.

S x

Brenda said...

So 'n cool idee!

Suzanne said...

I looooove that idea! Too bad it is a bit out of proportion but I don't think anyone would notice when it is all done. Can't wait to see your craft room coming together.

grace said...

what a brilliant idea, i love it!

dutch sisters said...

What a fantastic idea!
Thanks for visiting and hop-link your blog. Groetjes, Heleen en Corry