Friday, 27 April 2012

Wave your flag! KCBWDAY5

(This is the original, there was a great video adaption for SWC 1020, but I can't find it under all the different versions on You Tube today)

Today is Freedom Day in South Africa.

Today we celebrate 18 years of democracy, 18 years since we had our first democratic elections.

I was a student then, having voted in two previous referendums, but that day stood in line for the first time with everybody who wanted to vote.

What a day it was!  People queued from early in the morning, and stood for hours, awaiting their turn. And what a joy it was, to see an 80-something, casting their vote for the first time in their life.

Now that has nothing to do with hooking or knitting, does it?

Except that that now we have such a nice flag. And I actually found some images of a knitted and crocheted one! The previous one was ok, but now we really celebrate it, we wave, wear it, paint it on our faces, cuddle under it and wrap it around our necks :-)

My country is behaving like a true 18 yr old, think it is all grown up and adult now, but actually still have so much to learn. We've come a long way.

So happy Freedom Day to all! 

We will enjoy the

in our airspace, as we live right behind the Union Buildings, where there will be some huge form of ceremony today, the jets have been practising a few days now. 

(Ed. And would you know, one jet was painted as the flag :-) 

(Most images found on Google Images, sparkly flag T-shirt is mine)


Suzanne said...

I guess we're very lucky here in Holland to be free for such a long time huh? Lovely post and happy Freedom Day!

Gerlene said...

Oh how I love that country! I was 18 years and 3 days when I stood in line in City Hall in Bloemfontein for over 4 hours to cast my vote. I went there because that's also where many of the people in the townships went - and the atmosphere was AMAZING.