Thursday, 11 October 2012


Getting rid of all these little balls of yarn that you keep, long after the project's completed, because it's just such a waste to through it away.

So here's what I'm doing - and this will be a looooong term project:

1. Hook 1 granny stripe blanket

I've long since wanted to do one, but had no specific room, place, recipient in mind, so this will become a car/picnic blanket.  One stripe per colour, with white/cream in between just to calm the colours down.  

As and when I have yarn left over.
As and when I have time and want to work on it.

Beginnings of the Granny Stripe

2. Hook 1 Linen Stitch blanket

Blatantly copying Kristen from Cozy Things, because she's my absolute blanket guru.
Kristen hooked this blanket, and I was in love.  She said afterwards that it came out a bit stiff and could probably do with a larger hook, which I also realised while doing the green stripe.  So that  one will be frogged en re-hooked with a nr 5.  
This stitch (just 1 singe 1 ch) makes for a lovely texture to the blanket and asks for broader stripes.

As and when I have yarn left over.
As and when I have time and want to work on it.

And it might also become a car/picnic blanket!

Linen Stitch Blanket

So these are my stash busters.
(Acrylic stash, that is...will make another plan with the tiny remains of my Vinnis!)

Long Term Stash Busting Project!


Bren said...

Snap! I'm on a self-imposed yarn starvation diet. (Yes, I hear the call from Arthur Bales loud and clear but am choosing to ignore). Currently doing a Vinnis left-over yarn bits granny stripe. If I have time and when I have yarn. It may just be finished in time for my move to the old age home. But who cares... the Vinnis are finding a home. Yeah!

Rajeswari said...

What a cool idea to do with your left over yarn! only i may end up buying more yarn to complete the blankie!!

Jo-Ellen said...

i LOVE the linen stitch blanket! (especially the colours!). I think this one NEEDS to go on my list!

Drie Hoog said...

What a good idea! And aspecially the 'as and when'aspect, so it grows when there is stash and time!
I noted your idea in my 'purple notebook', I love it!

Mamy a la obra said...

Really nice!!! Both!!!

Mamy a la obra said...

Sorry, me again, Do you live in Buenos Aires?? Me too!!

LG said...

As ek mag vra Stef, ek begin nou met die hekel kombers ding, watter tipe wol gebruik jy en nr naald asb? 2 ply wol? Sal dit waardeer baie dankie


Stel said...

@Zalet - no, Pretoria in South Africa!
@LG - oor die algemeen gebruik ek DK en nr 4 (vir bietjie stywer en netjieser) of nr 4.5 (vir bietjie slapper en sagter).