Friday, 4 January 2013

Beanies on a road trip

We took a quick road-trip this week; roughly 1300 km in one day, Pretoria (Gauteng) to Reebok (Garden Route, Western Cape):

It's a long road, with some Very Straight stretches

We don't mind the driving; my husband averages 5000 km/month for work, I did nearly the same.
The problem is when you're not the one can get quite boring.

So the boys had a Playmobile each, books to read and draw in and we stopped every two hours
 for a quick runaround.

I had something to do 'redemption' with...

Some yarns bought at "Knit" in Cork, Ireland, this holiday

It wasn't a lot, and it was on sale, but still, I didn't have a plan with it.
That was, until one of the members of my crochet group posted about the need for beanies for premature babies at a hospital near her (and actually, everywhere in South Africa).

So beanies it would be and I promptly forgot a pattern (and mind you, never for once thought about searching for one with the exact iPhone I was taking the pictures with...blame it on fatigue, we arrived 36 hours before back from Cork via Amsterdam, a 90 min and 11h flight away).

I managed a flat circle, increased for a round or two, and then just continued with a few rows:

Between Kroonstad and Bloemfontein: one down, looks fine!

Then I tried one in htr...

Nr 2, with some edging, finished just before Colesberg.

Back to the trebles, and now with the Rico Baby Cotton, I couldn't wait:

Some colour changes (and what horrible joins!)
Near De Rust.

Then I tried working with a double strand...from one ball.  Yes.
The inevitable happened:

Some swearing here...

But I recovered and promptly returned to a single strand:

My favourite, the variegated one.  Finished 10 km fro our destination.

Between the stops and reading I managed five beanies.
Not too bad, I thought.

Tomorrow (Saturday), we'll take  on the return journey, this time over two days.  I'll be working on beanies again, as well as trying out squares for a placemat CAL we're planning with the Ons Hekel group.

Time to shake out the sand and do some packing!


Elisabeth Andree said...

Nice beanies! I love the grey yarn with the different bright colours in it (don't know how to write it in proper English). Bit late but Happy 2013!

Heloise said...

Oulike beanies skat! so bly om ook n Afrikaanse blog te kon kry. Heloise @daisies and dragonflies

Pradeepa said...

Lovely yarns and nice beanies!

Stel said...

Speckled? There isn't a nice English word for "bont". "Colouful" just isn't the same.