Monday, 14 October 2013


And meanwhile, while I'm contemplating which WIP to pick up (almost done with an unplanned washcloth series) - a look at one of my absolute most favourite shops in the whole whole whole world ever.

My house looks like a Bellbottoms showroom.

It helps that their prices are fantastic.
It helps that the owner lives just a block away and happily delivers that which doesn't fit into my car.
It helps that they allow me to spot something, grab it, and make an EFT payment from home!

Actually, all of the above don't help.  it just feeds the addiction.

Bellbottoms - a landmark in the Valley

What's on the sidewalk just immediately tempts me.

A juke box, bunny ears, accordion or toilet for you?

Bohemian Rhapsody is not for sale, sadly :-(
I tried.

I have bought tables, cupboards,  chairs and benches - and a red Brylcream bathroom cabinet similar to the orange and green ones.

Shoes, handbags,, hats, roses etc upstairs.  Upstairs I once found a 100% wool jacket for the princely sum of R80.
Make that  €6.  Or  £5.  Or $8.  Bargain anywhere.

Collectors LP's, vintage postcards; remember the old shop tills?

All the tea pots and jugs you can think of.  And my boys usually end up at the sweets counter.

And I've even found some crochet doilies and table cloths here :-)


Bren said...

*drool* *thatisall*

Louise Fischer said...

Hello eks Louise en eks verslaaf aan Bellbottoms...

Stel said...

See ya there sometime :-)

Stel said...

Louise, dis ek wat met skreeunde bande sommer so skuins oor die sypaadjie intrek en mense wegskouer as ek Daai Ding sien wat ek al lank soek ;-)

greenthumb said...

Looks like a fabulous shop, I would love to have a look around also.

Alessandra said...

love it!!!!
xxxx Ale

Penny said...

Oh my, how divine. Lucky you xox Penny

Anonymous said...

oohhh, ek sal dit looooovvvveeeee !!