Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The flash mob I wish I could see

I wish I was shopping in Parkview's Woollies at this moment!
(our Woolworths is more or less like Marks & Spencer)

Would have bawled like a baby.

Here's the lyrics and translation, the song is Asimbonanga by Johnny Clegg:


Gerlene said...

Saw this this morning and it made me cry. We grew up with this song in our house. Dad was a big Johnny Clegg fan. I must confess, I never really knew the words until recently. So beautiful. There is a clip of Johnny singing this at a concert.....and then from the back of the stage comes Madiba.....dancing his dance. And then Madiba says he spotted people at the back not dancing, and asked Johnny to sing it again. Priceless.

Alessandra Poggiagliolmi said...

I'm so moved and I have goose bumps!
Thank you for sharing this beauty Stel, thank you so much!!!
xxxxxxx Ale

Anonymous said...

ja super !!

Penny said...

This made me shed a tear, thank you for sharing I miss home x

cristina said...

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog! you also ago very lovely things! I'm so sorry for those South Africans, Mandela was a great man! We never will forgetting! Kisses from Catalonia!

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