Tuesday, 9 September 2014


No real spring storms yet, although Pretoria hit 32ºC yesterday!  Wishing on rain, this dust is killing our sinuses.

Meanwhile, we are spring-cleaning, house-clearing, decluttering -  all in anticipation of The Great Move for which we are house-building-from-a-distance.

Freaking out at the cost of moving!

(I've moved a lot in my life - six schools, this is my 25th house in 43 years, and we're breaking a record here with 7 years in one place.  Moving furniture 1600 km now costs more than moving it from Australia back to  South Africa 7 years ago, eeeew).

So what do you do???

Free printable by friend and fellow crocheter Elsbeth Eksteen, at HelloHart

(I used this as the front page of my new carry-around folder for printed patterns.)

I also met up with friends for a Hook-in-Public-to-Welcome-Spring at Tasha's:

Riesl caught us through the window, hooking, breakfasting and brainstorming away

Colour-guru Adele, rebel-hooker-designer with the eyebrow ring Brenda, and beautiful-blanket-maker Zelda

I wore a men's T-shirt that I made this collar for: 

Version 2, previous collar discarded.  Working at night, with Crochet Nr 5...not a great idea. 

...and I'm still busy with my Project Bohemia, trying out a new way of working with colour (for me).  The beautiful square is the Sorbet & Lace, published in Ideas Crochet.

Symmetry-obsessed, even when seemingly working random.

When seeing this photo, Adele exclaimed "Ah, Now I see the Christelle layout-process!"

Have a look here to see the beautiful blanket the above-mentioned Elsbeth made with the same pattern.

With a few changes, I want to make the same for myself, with an Aran organic cotton, similar colours.  Roll on, next year!


Haafner said...

Hi Stel!

You've got some lovely works on your hooks there! And your hook-in meeting looks so cosy.

Have a great day,


Alessandra Poggiagliolmi said...

now it's your turn!!!!! I wish you all the best for your big move!!!! if you need any help…. !!!!! ;oD
Like your blanket-to-be !!!!!
xxxxxxx Ale

Stel said...

Thanks, Ale - we're really looking forward. Been wanting to do it for a few years now

Stel said...

...and now it's time :-)

Lucie said...

I just discovering your blog. I will follow...
Lucie (Québec, Canada)

Pradeepa said...

You have moved quite a lot really. This is my 6th house throughout my entire life. Waiting to see your finished projects.

Jodiebodie said...

No matter how much it is desired, moving house is always stressful in some way. Glad you have crochet to keep you calm when life gets crazy.
Take care of yourself so you can enjoy your new home when you get there!
Best wishes
Jodie xxx