Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Another Baby Blanket - Call the Midwife

December has flown by and so has most of January and I've been in my new town for six weeks now, but my books are still all over the place and there are six or so boxes to still unpack,
but for now we're focusing on raising some walls, 'cause suddenly my dogs can jump and now they're escaping and the one came home with a fish yesterday.

A fish.  
Real one, not frozen.

We're not allowed to keep fish in this complex…but there is a small seasonal stream running near our house, although I can't imaging it harbouring fish now.

And we had the most concentrated flow of visitors anyone just moving in can have.

But I managed to do some hooking!

I completed a large floor doily V.2 in netlon, which will also be frogged, as I'm still not happy with that pattern.

Another Little Lacy Scarf for MIL, who like it very much, thank you,  and my aunty has also ordered one.

And the Call the Midwife baby blanket - 13 days after little Baby J came into this world!

I worked very sporadically on this, taking time on the road when a passenger:

Going through the Huisrivierpas, I can't hook, I must look at the most beautiful of mountains

This was en route to my gran, whom we visited for the day.

Taking time for our selfie. She turned 90 this year!

- 0 -

My background with Call the Midwife began when I was asked to fix an old baby blanket, which turned out to be in this pattern*.  It was a really sweet blanket, and I thought it would be nice to make, when, lo and behold, during that same time the pattern came through Blogland, inspired by the tv series "Call the Midwife".

No need to try and figure out the pattern then!

An conveniently so, a friend was expecting a baby, so off I went, with a different colour pattern in mind, but in the end deciding to keep it simple now.

So simple that I edged it with a row of SC.

The pattern is easy enough, although not a fast hook, and makes for a nice baby blanket.  

I used Vinnis Nikkim in Washed Denim, Baby Blue and Natural.

Photo taken on my 3m long stoep table of oldOregon floor planks

I think I might be done with baby items for now :-)

There's some serious winter blanketing to be done here…and I've already begun…while also still working on the summer throw, Projek Bohemia V.2.

And have a look at this lovely pattern, by Hilda Steyn of Yarn in a Barn blog and online shop…available in her Ravelry profile as from today: 

Lover's Lilies - Hilda Steyn

I'm nodding off.  But still there are 25 cupcakes to ice for the 7th birthday tomorrow!


*Links to HelloHart blog are currently broken, while they might be switching to another platform


Haafner said...

Oh, your Call the Midwife Blanket is lovely! The receivers will be very happy with it!(I did actually tag the pattern as a favourite ages ago in my Ravelry account, but so far it hasn't go any further than quietly waiting in my to do list...) I love the colours you chose for your blanket.
Have fun settling in in your new home & congratulations with the upcoming seventh birthday!

Alessandra Poggiagliolmi said...

Love your blanket Stel!!!!
just 6 boxes left??? you are really good in unpacking!
Imagine that we, instead, have to pack again, because we need to move in another flat ….. I dread that moment!
xxxxxx Ale

Suzanne said...

Your granny looks so sweet! I still want to make a baby blanket for a friend, great to see some inspiration.

hobbyloes said...

Mooi is tie, de babyblanket.
Leuke foto met je oma.
groetjes, Loes

karisma said...

The blanket is gorgeous! I love the picture in the car, car trip crochet is a favourite habit of mine. Lucky for those who don't have to do the driving I guess. :-) The granny square is most beautiful too. I have only just picked up my crochet hook in such a long time this past week and am enjoying it immensely. I had a giggle at the dog and the fish. :-)