Sunday, 15 February 2015

A universe of Sophies

You couldn't live in this universe and not know about Sophie's Garden, or Sophie's Universe!  

Every day, when I think I've seen the prettiest version of this pattern, another one comes up.  

Sophie's Garden is the brainchild of gifted crocheter Dedri Uys, a SA girl livin' in the UK now.  (Just look at this Ravelry page!) The design was named after a friend's granddaughter, Sophie (said friend being Kimberly Slifer, who runs the Sophie CAL with Dedri).  Most people use the African Flower centre motif, but I have also seen some beauties using the King Protea.

So obviously, Ons Hekel is also abuzz with Sophie.  This is a small selection of what has been coming through Ons Hekel and sister group Playing Hooky!

Photos - Beatrix Snyman, Alet Scott, Lynette du Toit, Melanie Claessens, Elza van der Merwe,  Margaret Burger, Heidi de Bruin, Madeleine Engelbrecht, Wilna du Toit, Erica Cloete, Michelle Groenewald, Sophia Botha, Jenny Botha, Hanli van Tonder, Barbara Celliers, Anita Roux

How do you choose??

Look at this one with a King Protea centre…

How beautiful is this?
Made by Adele van der Merwe

Dalena White took hers on a outing…

First to a room with a view:

Water, mountain...

Yes, the flat-topped one!

Sophie's Garden in the Cape Town Waterfront

Then Loma Groenewald followed  up with a visit to the Union Buildings in Pretoria:

A view over the capital

Adding colour to the sandstone

Love these buildings, love Loma's work.

(A massive yarn bomb is planned for these steps in April, when the 67 Blankets for Mandela Day plans to cover them with…21 000 blankets! This is to celebrate our (shaky) 21st year of democracy.  Wish I could be there!)

These Sophies are all beautiful.  There are hundreds more at The Official CCC Social Group on Facebook.

Listen to this beautiful tale off the CCC…

"My mom is blind and is usually unable to share my joy for the things I crochet because she can't see the colours.  Sophie's Universe is different.  All the fp/bp stitches allow her to feel the pattern and I'm so thrilled about it!  I can finally share this yarn madness with her!…"


My Sophie will be coming muuuch later.  And smaller.  But a King Protea I will make!


Elza said...

Lovely tribute to our Sophie's. Thank you!

Alessandra Poggiagliolmi said...

simply wonderful!
xxxxx Ale

amandacl said...

How special is that, I can picture the delight of the blind lady fingering the Sophie. I have not had the time or courage to start my own version, but I enjoy the wonderful reditions - a feast for the eye.