Monday, 13 April 2015

What I made with Moya - A yellow lacy scarf

When I received my gift pack of Moya Yarn, I didn't immediately have a plan with the Canary yellow yarn.  I chose it because it looked lovely, and I knew something would come up.

And so, something did.  Easter break was approaching,  as was our upcoming 3h roadtrip for Ironman South Africa and I would need something for my hands :-)

I've had the image of a loose, little lacy scarf in mind, more of a kerchief than anything else, so I took some internet patterns with me, as well as two of my Japanese crochet books.

First off was a pattern from this book:

Pretty, but it wasn't going to have the right, drapey feel. 

Second try was this one...

...great idea, but now I though another yarn would be more suitable

So I settled on this one:

...I would wear it the other way around though!

This pattern is from this book, that I bought from Pomadour24's Etsy shop

She stocks all kinds of incredibly looking books - I want to buy more and more and just sit on the stoep and look at all of the pictures.

In the end I only started out on our way back!

Passing a wind farm near Humansdorp

I took some time hooking in the car and during a pit stop at The Heath, just outside Plettenberg Bay. The boys played on the mini zip lines, the dad recovered his sore and tired body with some craft beer, and I cooled down with home-made ginger beer under the humongous trees outside. 

Nearing the end I realised my edge might be a tad more ruffley than the pattern indicated...but seeing as that my Japanese doesn't really extend much beyond konnichiwa to read any of the descriptions on the pattern, I declared it totally acceptable and ruffled on:

Having a look at the shape - mmm....can do with a good block, and the symmetry...well yes, the symmetry isn't 100%, but hell... worse things happen in the world and it will be draped loosely.

(Taken on a FOGgy morning)

Relaxed and stretched out, let's play with the asymmetry then :-)

(Taken that same bright sunshiney afternoon)

And I could wear it to church the next morning, cool and foggy again!

I love how it brightens up grey and will surely use it often during our rainy winter. 

I used Moya Organic Cotton in Canary, with a nr 4 Prym hook. 

Dewa mata!


Nelba said...


Diella Noffke said...

A beautiful colour and it goes with the pattern so well! :)

Annalize said...

Pragtig! Wens ek het so mooi in geel gelyk ;)

Kelly said...

Very pretty! Patterns in your Japanese book look lovely - is it possible for an intermediate crocheter to follow them (assume they show charts or are there English instructions?)

Stel said...

Utterly beautiful, Kelly. I'd recommend you start with an easy diagram - try MyPicot for nice ones, to just get used to it. Then it's just a matter of finding the dot and nr 1 on the diagram, and follow from there - right to left to right and so on. Bear in ind that Russian and Japanese/Chinese symbols might differ, but there are good tutorials available on how to follow a diagram.

Anne Schueler said...

Awesome crochet in a stunning scenery! ☺
Take care Anne
Crochet Between Worlds

Angeline said...

Really lovelyyyyyy!♥

Suzanne said...

love the color! my local yarnstore sells these now and I'm very tempted to buy some. I would love love love to make a crochet blanket with it. However, the prices here are ridiculous! €7 per skein (about 88R) :-(. Ah well, I have lots of other projects on the needles ;-P

Jodiebodie said...

So pretty, the colour, design and model! :-)
The Japanese pattern books that I have seen are detailed and intricate with beautiful designs so I am a fan of the Japanese crochet books and wish they were more freely available in Australia. You have given me an idea for further sources.
I wonder when you will tackle those other two patterns and what you will use for them. Half the fun is the dreaming and planning.
Hugs, xx