Thursday, 23 July 2015

A visit down the road

My sis and I share a Hanlie Kotzé print with the subscript "Today I took a walk around the block.  It felt like a holiday in a far off land".

Today I took a drive down the highway to the town on the bay.  It was a long overdue visit and it certainly felt like a holiday!!

I joined Yuliya Nilssen's regular crochet class/group at The Blue Shed Coffee Roastery in Mossel Bay.  It is literally a converted old shed overlooking the harbour and inside you find the best of coffee, quiche en other baked goods.  Plus it has the best atmosphere ever - which makes it a good thing that it's a good 35 min drive from home, otherwise I'd hang there every day.

It really is an old shed :-)

The inside is old and threadbare and I don't think there's one superflat surface of real corner or two pieces of furniture matching and i really love that it's not sleek and styled beyond submission.

Suffice to say that it was like a homecoming.  

I've loved the venue already and it was great meeting like-minded ladies who produce such beautiful work that I actually just wanted to sit and look.  It really reminded me of our Pretoria Craft Shares!

At long last I met Yuliya who was sporting a spur of the moment new winter dress:

Love it!  Isn't it clever?
Can you see this in steely-grey and it becomes...chain mail?!

We talked hooks and Yuli took out her Addis that I just had to test:

I'm working on her Thank You-scarf

The Addi is perfect for a Knife-gripper like me, more so if you like/need to take a very firm hold.  I would like to see what sizes it is available in and how it would work with T-yarn.
(Yeehaaa, and I learnt that it IS available in South Africa at

And look some of the beautiful work on the table...

The start of an Elle Gold Aran ripple

Towards a Road Trip Scarf that will be slightly different

Annemarie also made this handbag:

Love the snowflakes

...but look at the bottom of the bag!

Minda is starting an epic  project:

Some Katia becoming tiny squares

...but she also finished this one!

This is seriously one of the most beautiful blankets I have ever, ever seen.  I literally sat there, stroking it, square after square.

The "join" was actually an "after-treatment", but I can't imagine the blanket without it.  

Ah, beautiful.

Black clouds and a howling wind brought my visit to an early end, as I still had to get back for school pick-up through the heavy rain, but this is a trip that I most definitely will make on a regular basis.  I already have a project in mind that Yuliya's creative brain can help me figure out!

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Happy in red said...

That looks like a great place! Next time I'm coming!! ;-)