Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Ooooh, I can sometimes fly right away with an idea, just to burn out five minutes later or get lazy, which is not a good thing.  

So I was watching the Rustic Lace frenzy, finding most of the squares utterly beautiful, but in no real need to make one myself (just finished my summer throw in a large lacy square).  But then...then Charlotta (Instagram: intheyarngarden)  accidentally made a triangle and when THAT turned up in my Instagram feed, I could feel gears in my head shifting and clicking and in a mad rush (FOMO, anyone? :-D ) I proceeded to dig out the natural Moya that was earmarked for clothes hangers and let rip, hook flying. 

Until I had two or so complete. First the squares.

Totally different look in one colour!

It's still very pretty, but looks totally different.  And I might have been a bit irritated by the little piece of yarn that was super twisted (look, there at half past six in the photo), but couldn't be bothered to  cut, frog, join up again, or start from scratch. Noooo.

Looking beautiful in the early morning light. 

To divert the quickly waning attention span, I diverted to triangles.  (Did I mention that I made the exact same mistake at my first take on the square? But that mistake doesn't give you a relaxed, flat triangle, so I wanted to plan it properly. )

Out with the pen and paper. 

Frogging and scribbling

I have no intentions of ever coming up with a new crochet pattern for anything, so I literally just wrote the whole pattern out, and estimated possible changes, which would include a cluster or two less here, and some chains extra there, then tried it out and tried again and again and again and again until I got a reasonably flat triangle.


Two triangles on the block.

I figured I'd need three squares and 3 triangles to make up a little mock curtain for one window in our bathroom.  To my dismay, it might have had to be four of each.  So I was getting a bit impatient with myself, as I still had to figure out how to join these, and then how to hang it!

It was around this time that I did a quick, exploratory stroll through a new favourite second had shop and lo and behold, there it was! A crochet piece, by the look of it the perfect size (to the millimeter it was!), just ready for me to hang in the window.  

It was a no-brainer.  

Up it went! Sommer with cup hooks onto the wooden frame. 

Since I was so far with the Rustic Laces (3 each, then) I had to come up with a Plan A for Alternative, which I thought would be the little window in the guest loo.

Helloooo - there's a Roman blind already :-0

I promptly diverted again and started on a long-anticipated shawl.  Then it came to me...Plan B for Buggered...the window in my little craft storage nook upstairs...but I would need 5 of each.  

Stay tuned.

There's a Google-pot full of info on and versions of the Rustic Lace Square, but here's the beautiful blanket that Magda Pigtails made, and she in turn got the idea from Cornel's blanket at HalloHart.

On Instagram, there are 1210 posts of #rusticlacesquare as I write. 


Sigrid Swinnen said...

so beautiful, your window! I'm looking for a crocheted curtain for a long time now, but they are all old-fashioned or too dark, or too boring. This one is perfect! Thank you for the inspiration!!
Have a nice day, Sigrid

hobbyloes said...

I love,love,love your crochet window curtain.
Its a beautiful pattern.
Hugs, Loes

Jodiebodie said...

Haha! Amazing how a little Russian diagram snowballed into the Rustic Lace Square avalanche via Cornel and Magda and even got YOU in! ;-) Do you think any of them imagined the influence they would have?
Well done on your conversion to a triangle and good luck with the new project ideas. You have me intrigued now as to where your new lace will live.
Take it easy and have fun with it. :-)
Cheers, Jodie xx

Stel said...

HelloHart blog ask this question in their interviews - what do you think the next big thing will be? I answered that it would be a surprise - last year in South Africa it was the twistie and t-yarn doily rugs, this year rustic lace square (more so internationally and on IG than RSA) and the Sophie's Universe/Garden, all over the world! And what will we see next year?

Stel said...

In love, immediately :-)

Stel said...

Thank you, Sigrid.

Nelba said...

Lovely! So inspiring...I am only now learning to crochet at a fairly advanced age. I remember pleading with my grandmother to teach me, but because she was self-taught, she never had the confidence.

Zelda de Kock said...

Christelle, so inspiring as always! Do you think this pattern could work as a curtain made with Cotton on from Elle? And also for a wider window? I love your daisy version in the centre. Is that part of your own adjustments?