Tuesday, 7 March 2017

What I'm working on in February

...except that February is already a thing of 7 days past!

The month is too short.  And hot.  A filled with athletic meets and swimming galas and school outings.  

But I did progress with a few items!

The Parallelogram is done!  Except for the ends.

Progress on the cowl - I'll need one more round.

I started to practise to Find Any Fade...rest assured, this was version 3 or 4 of maybe 37

The Fade started to resemble a sheep's scull.  Or a bovine uterus.

I'm actually getting somewhere!

Well, there is progress...and I decided that life is too short to attain perfection on this project, so I'll live with the imperfections, such as the dropped stitch (I rescued it in some way), the colour change that happened too early, Lace Play 2 and 3 that Do Not resemble Lace Play 1...but it's laceish.  And the shape is following the plan, sort of :-D

When I finish this, I'll redo it in Proper Yarn!

(I also sewed a skirt for a friend who's even more challenged that I am, sewing-wise...but we did it.  It looks like she planned it, it can be worn in public :-D  )

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Jodiebodie said...

You are doing well. February has been hectic for me too with back to school, heatwaves, back into the swing of appointments etc. Busy busy.
Lucky not to busy to crochet and knit, heh? :-)