Tuesday, 20 September 2011

One-A-Day (3)

Hello there, good people!

All seems to be going well with my Ripple's valleys and peaks :-)  I am tweaking it a bit here and there, but seems like it's under control now.  I'm using mainly Elle Pure Gold yarn, with one or two others and some frustration is creeping in there...DK is not necessarily DK...I've had to frog a row or two already. But I'm actually very happy with my progress (mint green, lime green and light blue at the top are not Pure Gold).

The Ripple is at 15 rows now and I wil use 16 or so colours - one set almost done!  This one I alternated cool and warm colours, the next one I might do brigth and muted, and maybe a rainbow, so on.

Love this blankie!

Now that I've figure out the African Flower, it's going quickly.  I'm hooking the centres whenever I'm busy with the yellow, orange of red from the Ripple, and I try to do a handful at a time.  That goes into another bag (which is now becoming the 'travlling' bag, as the Ripple is getting to big to lug along) and from that bag and stash, I complete the flowers. Discarding the Elle Marco has made such a huge difference, my AF's actually look pretty now!  Spotted one or two mistakes now, but that be rectified quickly.

I'm enjoying both these patterns, and it's nice to see the quick progress. Might go a bit sower from here, as I promised to help knit/hook 10x10 cm squares for an old age home in Bloemfontein - I might even report on that as well.

But now, I first want to look at all your posts!

Later...to get the small "One a Day" pictures - I got it on Ravelry from Gingerbread Girl.  Then just "saved as" and uploaded here as photos.


Janine said...

You are making great progress. Elle Pure Gold DK, is one of my favourite wools. I will try to load my one a day today. How did you manage to load the little one a day picture?
Lv Janine

Barbina said...

Your African Flowers are so cute, I love them! And your ripple blanket is really beautiful!
Have a nice week! Barbina

Carole said...

Great progress on your projects. Your colours are lovely.

Faith said...

I like your ripple and the way you are choosing the colours and your flowers are really lovely, so many of them too....you've been really busy!

Deb Hickman said...

Great going with both projects,loving the colours. Deb xxxx

Sarah (Crafts From The Cwtch) said...

Both projects are gorgeous - wonderful colours!

Hazel said...

Your ripple blanket is looking so good so far, nice and colourful :)and your flowers are looking amazing!

nicole said...

Your new african flowers really are beautiful! Well done the changes have made them so lovely!