Saturday, 19 May 2012

Klaar! My Malabrigo-serp

Hier is dit, my Malabrigo supersagte supermooie groenste groenbloue serp!
Here it Malabrigo supersoft superbeautiful greenest of greenblue scarf!
(note that I got the spelling of SCARF right now :-D )

(dis eintlik al lankal klaar...ek probeer dit net hier, was nog te warm)
(it's actually been finished a while ago...just trying it out here, was to warm still)

Ek weet ek spog nou, maar ek is net so totaal in my noppies hiermee.
I know I'm bragging...but I'm just so totally chuffed with myself. 

Onthou, ek het die wol op Suzanne se blog gesien, en hier is die storie hoe ek dit in die hande gekry het.
Remember, I saw the yarn the first time on Suzanne's blog, end here's the story of how I got it.  

My sisi het help bolle rol:
My sisi help to wind the balls:

Die serpie het begin lewe kry op die klein strand by Mosselbaai Punt
I started working on the beach at Mossel Bay Point.

Deur die vakansie het dit gegroei oor lekker koffie by Baruch...
Through the holiday it grew over lovely coffee at Baruch...

...en 'n Israeli bord.
...and an Israeli platter.

En eendag was dit klaar.
And one day it was finished.

Lief dit!
Love it!

From the tag...

"Río means "river" in Spanish.
Malabrigo Ríos is named after the four major rivers in Uruguay: Río Cuareim, RíoUruguay, Río de la Plata and Río Negro.
Each river is represented by one ply. These plies twist together like winding rivers.
Ríos also signifies the yarn's washability; for millennia rivers have provided water for washing garments."

Hier's die info:
  1. Wol - Malabrigo Rios
  2. Patroon - Patroon 2030 onder Crochet
  3. Koste - E27! (min of meer R270! Vir 2 bolle)
  4. Resultaat - Prysloos
Here's the info:
  1. Yarn - Malabrigo Rios
  2. Pattern - Pattern 2030 under Crochet
  3. Cost - E27! (more or less R270! For 2 balls)
  4. Result- Priceless
En hierdie week was dit vir die eerste keer koel genoeg om te dra.
And this week it was cool enough for the first time to step out with my scarf.

(Playing with a cleaner does this work?)


Donna said...

The cowl is lovely -the pattern and colour of the yarn is really nice x :)

Rosangela said...

Ficou muito linda essa gola, adorei a cor.

Becky said...

It is gorgeous and that color is to die for! I must try to crochet a scarf or a cowl, how cuddly it would be, especially out of malabrigo.. yum!

Grateful4Crochet said...

That scarf is totally bragworthy!!
It's gorgeous!!
And the yarn and the beach...just lovely

Anonymous said...

C, I like the new look of your blog. I loved being part of this project. Getting you the wool in Dublin, flying it over with me. And guys, as she did the very last stitch, we packed the last of our luggage into our rental car on our way to catch our flight back to Eire. C, is the banner picture taken in you back garden? If so, can I come over for some coffee this afternoon as can we sit on the grass? x

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above is me, Gerlene. Only way comment would be captured.

Stel said...

The photo was taken at our hidden "tree park", up 33rd ave. If I could beam you over, it would have been to a braai at Groenkloof Nature Reserve this afternoon :-)

karisma said...

Oh Wow! This is gorgeous, my favourite colours too! :-) I am very much loving the picture in the sand, glad to see I am not the only one who takes my projects to the beach. Great job, it looks fantastic on you.

Suzanne said...

You finished it! Thanks for telling me hihi. It looks gorgeous on you! You look great in the pictures by the way, you foxy little thing. You make me want to finish mine too (it's almost done). Mine has a totally different look as you know, it so much fun to see a crochet version. Enjoy wearing it :-). Have to get my needles out.

Stel said...

Thanks all!

The Accidental Housewife said...

Gorgeous scarf, Stel. Glad you finally has the weather to wear it! (We've been in scarves for months here, no summer to speak of this year. Weird.)

Brenda said...

Oooh, ek hou van die nuwe look van jou blog. En love die serp! Eers net op my foon gesien, maar lyk baie cooler op 'n groter skerm!

Hazels Crochet said...

I love the colours in your scarf, they are beautiful!

Kristen said...

Oh yum!!! Gorgeous yarn, gorgeous pattern, and it looks fabulous on you. I'd wear a scarf made of Malabrigo in any weather. Well done. :)