Sunday, 22 July 2012

67 minutes

What can you do in 67 minutes?

Read a magazine, have a coffee at your local, or do something good?

Down here in Mzansi, we try for the latter, during July.  

On his 94th

On July 18, old-president Nelson Mandela turned 94 and for the past couple of years, South Africans celebrated the day, Mandela Day,  by using 67 minutes to serve your community/a charity, in any way you want (one minute for every year he was politically active)*. It has now also been declared International Nelson Mandela Day by the United Nations.

Many people volunteer at schools, old-age homes, on community projects, donating things, helping, fixing, feeding.  At 08h00, school kids across the country sang "Happy Birthday, Madiba".  A businessman in Centurion planted 94 trees along a freeway. Our local newspaper volunteered at the inner city primary school I attended with heavy-weight donors and fixed the buildings, painted, distributed food parcels, arranged a party for the kids. "Bikers for Mandela Day" served again, planting a tree and working at the school in his hometown of Qunu in the Eastern Cape.

Scores of people gathered beforehand on Sandton Square to record a birthday song:

Looking quickly, I could recognize singers Loyiso BalaLloyd CeleDanny KKurt Darren, the guys from Prime CircleYvonne Chaka ChakaBonganiPJ Powers, sportsmen Bryan HabanaKobus WieseAshwin Willemse, I'm sure Baby Jake Matlala (and quite a few others that I know I should know ;-)

- 0 -

This hooker hooked.  

I finished up a beanie and gave it to the homeless man living underneath a tree just three street corners away:

Snapped from the car, parked across the street, before I gathered my courage.

Every morning I drive past and see his pile of blankets underneath the tree. Now that it's colder, he is usually still sleeping.  He came out from hiding and took it when I spoke to him. I presume he works or try to find employment during the day, or otherwise beg; I don't know. I don't offer him employment, because we already support two other families that way. With our level of and fear for crime, I also don't offer him shelter.

67 minutes = 1 beanie

But I can give him a 50% wool-mix beanie and hope it will keep him warmer.


Monica Buys said...

Hi Stel,

Lovely idea to spend your 67 minutes to crochet a beanie for someone who needs it. I am sure he is very grateful!

Take care
Monica :)

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blog since I found it some weeks ago.
It's very interesting to read about the Madiba Day and the idea behind. I'm deeply impressed about Mandela and the way of your appreciation. Wish you all the best!
Greetings from Germany

Stel said...

Thank you, Terra, glad you like it.

Stel said...

Thank you, Terra, glad you like it.

Natasja said...


Sandra (Cherry Heart) said...

Thanks for you comment on my big blanket, so glad you likes it and it certainly kept me busy for a while!

Love the way you spent 67 minutes too, makes you think doesn't it?

Sandra x

Hahnsmum. said...

Homeless folks always make my heart ache.. We make blankies over here for the homeless & they go all around the world. One just could not imagine how it would be like without a proper home.. Best Wishes, l always enjoy coming here & seeing what you are up to.. XX

Kristen said...

Stel, this is so lovely. :)

Anonymous said...

Stel, that is so beautiful.

Pradeepa said...

That was a very kind gesture indeed. Even here I see plenty of homeless people but there is nothing that we can do about it, may be small gestures like these would mean a lot to them.