Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Guest Blog! The Widest Ripple Ever

And so I invited myself to be a guest blogger on my sister's blog!  

See, I've just finished the widest-ever-ripple and I'm so relieved and happy that it is e-v-e-n-t-u-a-l-l-y finished.  Some time last year I fell in love with Lucy's (from Attic24) Neat Ripple Pattern blanket and decided to do one for our Super King size bed (Ed.  It is wider than wide...).

The Widest Ripple Ever

I love colour, but also try not to think too much about colour combinations.  I knew I wanted the blanket to cheer us up, especially during the long, wet Irish winter.  I also wanted it to somewhat "go" with our Ikea bed linen.  I decided to use Aran weight yarn, with a 5.5 mm hook.  I went for a Hayfield Bonus in Cream.  And 10 colours in the Sirdar Supersoft range:  4 greens, pink, orange, yellow, purple, blue and khaki. 

Starting an epic blanket

I did not really have a plan in place, with regards to colour sequences.  I did decide to do two rows of a colour though.  And so I did the foundation chain and first double row.  (Here I must say that after about 15 rows I realised I made this blanket quite wide and it became the Widest-Ever-Ripple Blanket  It took me a while to get used to the hills and valleys of the ripple and in the beginnig I often had to frog some stitches.  At times I also got bored with the ripple and had to do some smaller projects inbetween.  

It's growing...slowly.
After slogging on for what seemed like forever, I decided to finish the ripple with a rainbow of the colours I used (bar two of the greens that ran out).  I also finished off the sides of the ripple with an American single stich in cream.       

Adding a rainbow for the Irish rain

The rainbow photo that Does Not Want To Go Horizontal
Some stats:

504 stitches in a row (American double crochets)
88 rows of which 80 was double colour rows
44 352 stiches in all
2.6 x 1.6 m in size
I love the colours, it looks great in our room and I can't want to start using it.  And I don't have to wait too long....we don't really have a summer this year.
All done!

Thanks, Stel, for this opportunity!

♥ GK

Snuggling away!


Sucrette said...

Oh oh oh oh :) what a wonderful ripple :) Ohhhhh I'm in love :)
It's beautiful!
Thank you for your visit!

Stel said...

Thanks for your post, my sisi, and love The Ripple. Can't wait to see it! Roll on Dec.

The Accidental Housewife said...

Beautiful ripple! And the rainbow is lovely. But gosh, that would have taken some time!

Elsa said...

WOW! dis ongelooflik mooi. Baie geluk, dis omtrent 'n prestasie. Ek het lank terug een begin maar by ry 10 dit in die kas gedruk, want dis baie groot en dit vat baie lank! Nou kry ek sommer weer lus daarvoor.

Anonymous said...

It looks amazing! Well done for pushing through, it's so worth it. Love your colour choices too.

Brenda said...

Baie, baie mooi! Ek love die kleure!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful! Love your choice of colours and congratulations for continuing on making such a large lovely blanket.

Romeo said...

very beautiful. I love the color combination. this is so lovely. I so like this. thanks for this.

Gerlene said...

Thank you for the lovely comments re my blanket!

Donna said...

Lovely ripple. I started one ages ago - it's one of many unfinished projects I've got around here :)

Hahnsmum. said...

l LOVE Ripples...Have made a few but NOT as big as yours... Well done..lts truly lovely.. Best Wishes..

king size bed said...

this morning i read your blog.It is lot informative to me.

Happy in red said...

It is great actually!! I'd love to make one for our double bed as well... but yeah, the work that will go into it huh!
Have a great weekend,

Rein said...

Wow, this is wonderful!