Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Holiday hooking

I didn't plan to even look at a computer while on holiday, didn't think to roam on my phone or use it for it for  anything other than taking photos...but after four lovely days of blue skies, some cloud and light snow, lots of playing, skiing, falling, snowballing, the mountains of Tirol are hidden behind...white. 

It is all white outside!

We were woken by the first snow plough at 06h00, clearing the street and pathways.
The frozen pond in the backyard has disappeared beneath a thick white blanket, the bare trees are decorated in white and slowly and steadily, thick white snowflakes are drifting downwards.

Imagine the excitement for us - sun babies from South Africa!

Even staying inside, watching the snow, is an adventure.

Maybe we'll venture outside a little later.

Crunching snow beneath my boots for the first time

In the meantime, there's a book to read, chocolates to be eaten...

"Philida" - a slavery novel, the latest by South African writer Andre Brink. A great read.

And some hooking to be done :-)

Bringing colour to the snow

I bought this absolute cheapest of cheap 100 % wool in a 500 g mixed bag of leftovers. The colours looked good together and immediately shouted "stripey bag". It is too coarse to do anything but a bag or placemats, so bag it would be.
I started with a pattern for a small, square bag, but made the bottom larger and will be widening it slightly as I go up - as long as the yarn lasts!

As for straps - that question remains to be answered and I'm open to any ideas.

There's a glimpse of sun coming through the white now! Might be getting out and about then :-)


Elisabeth Andree said...

Hello Stel,
Snow will always wake up the child in you, I can not even imagine what it is for - as you write - a sun baby from South Africa.

Your bag to be looks promising and I love the colours you use. Ideas for straps, I love the simple ones. Not too small, not too wide, short enough to carry your bag as a handbag and long enough to hang over your shoulder.
Anyway, your bag will be beautiful!
Enjoy your day!

Rajeswari said...

Hello Stel!
Hope you enjoy the snow while on your holiday :) i have experienced snow fall for just 2 days in my entire life, so would love to have such a holiday.. Your bag looks good, somehow mustard, grey and black makes a very good combination! Crochet handles are always an option, but i think wooden handles give a very vintage and classic look to your bag!

Barbina said...

Seems you are having a great time during your holidays! I love your bag, the colours are beautiful!
Enjoy your holidays and have a save trip back home!

Stel said...

Thank you!
As for handles - I'm thinking leather or wood/bamboo..going to keep my eyes open at 2nd hand shops...

Julia said...

bliss ... enjoy ... :)

Marlene Rodrigues said...

Merry Chrismtas!!
Greetings from Portugal,

Happy in red said...

Oh, dit ziet er goed uit zeg!! Wat leuk dat je in Nederland was. Op bezoek bij familie?
Een heel fijn 2013 voor je!!