Saturday, 2 February 2013

Weekend WIP-ing

(Now that almost came out like "wiping"...considered various spellings there.. :-)

What is nice...
Wat is lekker...

Getting coffee in bed because the dear husband is off to Very Early training.  Think 05h00 wake-up!  IronmanSA is approximately 10 weeks away.

Koffie in die bed as Die Man vroeg opstaan om te gaan oefen. 05h00! IronmanSA is net so 10 weke weg.

Take on the day

Sending the kids off to watch dvd, so I can read the newspaper online and plan the weekend.  We're a bit lazy for the farmer's market it will be tea and scones later to remember my mom's birthday (she would have been 66 today), getting together with friends later, and working on some WIPs.

Stuur die seuntjies dvd toe sodat ek kan koerant lees en naweek beplan. Ons was te lui om boeremark toe te ry...maar gaan later skons en tee vir my ma se verjaarsdag vandag (sy sou 66 gewees het), braai by vriende, en werk bietjie aan die halfklaar projekte.

A rugby icon died

Ah...the WIPs...

There's some map stitching to finish - almost done!  

Die kaart is amper klaar.

Might have to re-route some of those flight tracks, though...

A placemat to be finished - check for all the last loose ends.

Die plekmatjie is geblok, moet net kyk vir die laaste los rafels.

I use my husband's swimming board to block!

And the biggie...make a plan with The Bag, the plastic pipe, the leatherette -have to find a leather needle for my sewing machine.   

EN dan die grote - maak 'n plan met Die Sak, die plastiekpyp, die kunsleer - gaan vanoggend gou 'n leer-naald kry vir die naaimasjien.

Will this work?

But first - fix the irrigation that Ben-girl Twelve just had some fun with.  

Maar eers moet die besproeiing gefieks word waarmee Ben-girl Twelve vanoggend haar bek skoongewas het...

Bloody monster


The Accidental Housewife said...

Oh, I love the idea of the cloth, stitched map! Currently I just highlight our old road atlas, lol! Not nearly as nice. ;)

Husbands in training are picklesome things. Best of luck to Mr H in his upcoming adventure!

Stel said...

I actually got the idea off an Aussie blog, During their overland trip, she received a cushion with a WA map on, and either she or a friend stitched their route. Was towards the end of 2011.

The Vintage Folk Painter said...

Map stitching, that is a really great idea, I love it. Enjoy your coffee, tea in bed for me this morning.


Gerlene said...

RIP Louise Luyt. Nice to get some WIP's done, leaves more room in the brain for thinking up new projects. And the monster? Was she annoyed when the water stopped coming out??

Julia said...

super cool pics ..!!