Sunday, 24 February 2013

Far away, in Rolbos then.

No post or hooky to show, just a visit Rolbos

Amos van der Merwe is a friend from my Facebook reading group and I started following his blog via the feeds to our group these last couple of months.  It mainly centres around the fictional community of Rolbos, where characters like Vetfaan, Gertruida, Boggel and other sit and ponder the world at Boggels shop.  It provides social commentary much like classic South African author Herman Charles Bosman's tales from the Groot Marico; at first glance it might seem humorous, but then you get the sadness, tragedy and the underlying message.  

Photo: Pretoria News

During a not-so-nice week in South Africa, his posts brought much needed balance to the throng of tweets, outbreaks of rage, accusations and public outcry.  It was good to read, and great to see how it was shared widely on FB.  

Take a look.


Amos van der Merwe said...

I'm humbled and feel blessed. Thank you so much.

Julia said...

ja, daai laaste een het my diep geraak ...