Sunday, 28 April 2013

4kcbwday7 : 365 days...where will my craft take me?

Reading through Blog Week's last day's post, obviously I would start to ponder in the back of my mind...what happened to my resolutions of last year? And where do I want to be within in another year?

This was my list in April 2012:
  1. "learn to hook from a diagram
  2. complete a Japanese flower scarf adapting from an existing doilie type pattern
  3. learn to hook from a diagram
  4. go beyond simple amigurumi
  5. learn to hook from a diagram.
  6. continue meeting new hookers at Ons Hekel and meet up with them where possible."

At least I'm working on the diagram now.  No Japanese Flower Scarf completed yet (although quite a few other flowery versions).  Amigurumi...still where I was.

But I had success with nr 6!  Ons Hekel (my crochet group on Facebook) has grown far beyond any expectations.  At 4500 members, I closed the Page and restarted as a Group, finding a few things easier in that format.  I have met so many new friends through this group, meeting up with some on a regular basis in Pretoria and planning to expand on this while on holiday wherever I find myself in the same town as fellow members.  

I love meeting up with fellow hookers.  I love meeting up with Craft Share hookers and will do a post on that in the near future.  I learn so much and get more and more inspiration every time.  

I started a doc on Ons Hekel, "Hekel om te Help"(Crochet to Help) where members who collect items for charity can list their details - typically for beanies for prem babies in government hospitals, cancer patients etc.  My hope is that this will grow and become an active part of Ons Hekel and I recently completed a pile of beanies that will be sent off to one of these ladies soon.  So this is nr 1 then.

But what else?  I think I can safely say that I've mastered the bare basics of blankets and beanies...So:

2. Learn to crochet from a diagram (uhm :-)
3. Complete One Item To Wear. (Ok, that's big enough a challenge.  Nothing more.)

Did I say something about a diagram?


Anonymous said...

Great post! I found it really useful to look back and see what I had decided to try and achieve too. I think it is better to have a more specific and focussed set of goals rather than big picture ones, so I am going to try that this year. looks like you are going down the same route. Let's see how we get on next year! Good luck!

Truly Myrtle said...

Funny! Good luck with the diagram ... sounds like your crochet group was a resounding success - makes up for everything else!!

Jodiebodie said...

Have you heard of the 80:20 principle? According to that 80% of your effectiveness comes from 20% of your activities. So you may have only worked on 20% of your list but Ons Hekel etc. has provided you with 80% of your personal growth with your crochet so far. What a wonderful thing that crochet links people together and can do so much good.

So although you haven't ticked off every item, you should consider yourself successful in your achievements so far. The year isn't over yet either... ;-)