Monday, 15 April 2013

My Granny's hooks

My granny turned 89 yesterday.  89!

Until very recently , she was still fitter and stronger than many women 20 years younger. She's survived 11 of her siblings, her husband, a daughter, a grandson.  Life is getting a bit difficult now with a very sore back, hips, neck, but on a good day, her wit is as sharp as ever.  Every  time we go down south (which is almost every holiday), I make the drive over the Robinson Pass for a visit and hopefully some mutton curry or souskluitjies.  

When my sis came to visit now from Ireland , we visited again.

Ouma Nettie with three of her (16?) great-grandchildren and my sisi.

We always have tea on the stoep or in her sitting room, and she always take a second cup.  

She produced this, with the instruction that my sis and I should divide it between the two of us:

A wooden container, looking like a tiny pencil box

...and inside we found the minutest of small crochet hooks!

Old-time crochet hooks, made in England

It doesn't look that small, until you compare it to my standard nr 4 hook:

How did they work with it??

Isn't it the most beautiful hook?

I'm wondering what to do with my half, since I'll never work with it (too small!)  I'm thinking of a nice box frame, together with a delicate old handkerchief I also got from her.  Or with a small tray cloth she embroidered as a young woman.

Any ideas?


Alet said...

That box frame - idea sounds very good to me! It will be a treasure! Perhaps with the "young" and older photo of Granny within as well?

Mon said...

Wouldn't your Granny be able to start a small doily or something you could frame with the hooks? A friend of mine (who can not crochet at all) box-framed her granny's last piece of crochet work together with the yeloowish pattern and hook. It looks stunning! You girls are lucky to still have your granny as part of your lives. Precious, precious I would say.

Kristen said...

Oh, it's gorgeous! What a lovely heirloom. I would frame it, too. :)

Bren said...

Absolutely precious. Challenge yourself and crochet something delicate...

Stel said...

Mmm...I'm getting a plan together...involving a granny square and the hooks and a photo and a nice frame that I have that can be boxed...let me think :-)

Unknown said...

I have never seen such a tiny hook, but I loved the craving on it. It is a beautiful piece, a real treasure. And the hook holder is the best. Enjoy them! :)

April said...

A true treasure you have there. The frame sounds wonderful. :)