Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A Stripey Bag Update and Finale


I slipped on a cobblestone and a R500 strap broke :-(
So I took the sandal to the shoe hospital and stood chatting to the omie, when I wondered out loud...since he makes belts, wouldn't he be able to make me simple handbag straps maybe?  Really plain and simple?
Yes!, he said, does that all the time!  

Whaaaat?  Oh happy day :-)

Within minutes the buckles were selected, length determined and colour chosen.  

And today, over coffee and chocolate cake and more chocolate cake and koeksisters and in great company, I replaced Plan B.1 with Plan C, which was actually the Plan A, but I couldn't find it.
While all the time it was just a bit down the street and up the block.

(Voete Goete in Gezina Galleries, for all Pretorians reading here)  

Plain brown leather straps with bronze buckles

Looking much better

Am I chuffed or what!

(Something's not all that great with my photos this week...hope it was only a dirty lens)

Aah.  Happiness.  The bag goes over my shoulder without slipping off, the beads are now around my neck.

Joy Joy Joy.

PS...Found the problem with the photos!
One might think it's time-saving to upload photos with the Blogger app, but alas, there goes the photo quality.  So no more uploading while waiting somewhere one the kids :-)


Elisabeth Andree said...

Of course you are chuffed, the bag looks great:)

Bren said...

Love it!

Reinier + Jo-Ellen said...

haha, many of my crochet projects also have a plan A B and C. I normally end up going with D. haha. Enjoy your new bag!!

Stel said...

Thanks :-)

Rajeswari said...

Love your new bag. The belt/handles look very practical and wonderful, i am sure you will use your bag more cos of them and they do look sturdy and not to forget perfect :)

Alessandra said...

clever idea!!!!
I agree that in this way the bag is much more comfortable!!!!
xxxxx Ale

Lynne said...

I really like your bag. The leather straps are a great idea, especially since they are made to fit you!

karisma said...

Very very nice! Joy indeed. That is one very classy bag! Hugs xoxox

Anonymous said...

It looks amazing!!!! I love everything about it, but most of all I love the hearing about an Omie called Feet.

Natas Nest said...

Beautiful bag!!! And what a great idea to use this leathern handles and let them make by the shoemaker. Good to know that he makes them! Thanks for inspiring :-)