Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Everyday 6 - All in an hour's drive

While quickly stopping at school to exchange chess party treats for a backpack, I met Gibson:

Gibson Muntandare paid a surprise visit to the school gates

Gibson is a well-known figure in the streets of Pretoria, and today he was in the right place, in the heart of Blue Bull country. Parents, kids and me surrounded him for a chat and photo.
(When The Blue Bulls rugby team is on a winning streak, everybody; mom, dad, the kids, the gardener, the gate, the car and the windows are clad in blue.  Then we draw the curtains and hide underneath the bed ;-)

Read more about this colourful man here, here and here.

Onward to pick up the little one from gymnastics...

Mounted police on the way to gymnastics

Just yesterday I read After60's visit to New York and her interesting NYPD sightings, and wouldya know...today I ended up behind our own South African mounted  police, also in the heart of the city.  While we don't have a Central Park, we do have a farm in the middle of the city - the university's experimental farm, just a 100m up the road from where I spotted them.

Almost finished...

He was warm, so he took it off

It's autumn and our mornings are getting cool now, but the middle of the day can still warm up to 24ÂșC.  
Luckily he had shorts in his school bag, and stripped down to his vest.

And then we turned back, saw a police car with flashing blue lights and an alarm (excited, they're learning about emergency vehicles this week!), picked up big brother and went home.

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