Sunday, 16 June 2013

Craft Share - when we get together for crochet (and more)

I've previously mentioned Craft Share, a regular get-together with fellow hookers on a Friday.

Craft Share is hosted by the talented Cornel of the blog "I love pom-poms", and she is also a regular contributor to local magazine "Idees/Ideas".  It started as a "let me show you how to hook over coffee at my place"and has grown into a great get-together more or less every second Friday.  We rock up with our hooky in hand, but usually end up not doing much, because so much time is spent drooling over the others' beautiful work!  Really, this is the place where I have seen the most beautiful hooky work together in one room, and always leave inspired again.

Craft Sharing in Cornel's dining room

In the above pic, we were "absolutely relaxed" and acting "totally natural and at ease" (yeah, right) for a photoshoot of the annual edition of Sarie Kreatief, a local women's mag. Looking forward to see that edition!

I was very lucky that my sis was visiting here from Ireland and could join us for this event - her second magazine shoot in a week!  We had to pose, chatting and showing off our work.  My Rainbow Ripple came to visit from the beach house, and I'm showing off one of my flowery scarves.  Sis had a beanie she just started.

That's me, pulling the face.  Why, why, WHY?

And here's Elsbeth, illustrator and artist, on the left, with Cornel. My green picnic basket peeps out in the corner.  I must still show-and-tell about the lining I made for it, from vintage fabric bought all the way from Switzerland, from Annette of My Rose Valley!

Two talented friends

Craft Share is a visual feast, everything is pretty, from the hooky, to the snacks and dogs that join us :-)

Something to drink

Inspiration - Cornel knits a mat for her beach house with thick rope and humongous needles

Inspiration - a beautiful blanket hooked up in Vinnis

Inspiration - a basketful of beautiful Vinnis yarns

"Architectural" this pose was described.  They don't just sit or lie down, they take up position

Pretending to work

Still chatting and posing

At every Craft Share, Cornel photographs us with our work, and post this on her Craft Share Page on Facebook. It's always a treat to see what she does with the photos, to catch up when you missed a Craft Share, or just to refer back to what you worked on.  As I often give my work away, this would usually be one of the best photos a have of a finished piece (or the journey towards finishing!). My first Craft Share was captured in the 4th from left shot in the top row - extremely camera shy, and I can't even remember what that green piece in my hands was! The last shot (Jou Gha!) was taken this Friday - almost finished with the bag for my yoga mat.

Almost two years of Craft Shareing

I always look forward to Craft Share. I've made so many great friends who inspire me each and every time, and who share my love of hooking...thanks, Cornellie!


Gerlene said...

The two times I was lucky to join ye I loved it. I hope each and every time I visit SA, Craft Share would take place. Love everything about it.

Olga Poltava said...

Wow, what a wonderful crafts get-together. I wish I could join a group like yours, to share my skills and learn new ones from other crafters. Well, perhaps I can start one, that's definitely something to think about.
Have a wonderful week!

Tea with Prudence said...

What a beautiful post! I wished I was there. What a great place and a great bunch of women.

homemade@myplace said...

I really enjoyed this post Stel!!!
I think that you have a wonderful opportunity such as Craft Share to meet and work with wonderful crafters!!!
thanks for sharing and for showing your smily face!!!
xxxxx Ale

Stel said...

Start one! Even with you and a friend at home, or at a coffee shop. I will grow from there.

Stel said...

It is a blessing, Ale, I've met so many great new friends through crochet and groups like this.

Haafner said...

You know I'm actually tempted to move to South Africa just to be part of your craft share. ;-) Everybody there makes such amaaaazing stuff, it must be really inspiring! And I agree with the comment above: thanks for showing your smily face!

Jodiebodie said...

Beatiful photos and beautiful work. You have reminded me that the inspiration to be gained by a morning of chatting about crochet and knitting is just as important as the actual doing of the crochet etc. I will sometimes feel guilt or disappointment after a meet to realise that I had made hardly any progress on my crochet, yet you are correct that just getting together is inspiration in itself.
I hope that when your photos are published in the magazine you will post a link or pictures on your blog for those of us who are outside of South Africa.

Stel said...

Ha haa! Let us know when you head down South one day - we'll arranged a special meet then :-)

Stel said...

Thanks girl. Yes, it's not always about the word that gets done, but often the talk, heart-to-hearts etc, that's very special.

janice15 said...

A lovely post, I'm your newest follower glad I found you .. I crochet but not nearly what I'd like to be doing I can't read the silly directions much so I crochet by what I see or if someone shows me..though I'm trying to understand directions which little more now I .. wishing you a great day I'm off to read more of your post with love Janice

Annie Cholewa said...

The post with everything ... yarn, those incredible bird houses, a company of friends, and a whippet ... what more could one want :D

Unknown said...

Groot plesier Stel!
Altyd lekker as jy by my huis kom hekel.
Baie mooi blogpost.