Saturday, 8 June 2013

Yarn Bomb 2013!

It started with my friend Maryna talking about putting legwarmers on the cow when it's winter, and then I was hooking beanies and had a second idea, and we remembered about yarn-bombing some time and we checked the dates for this year and then it all came together...and we yarn-bombed the cow today!

Nipple caps :-)

Irene Village Mall in Pretoria just begged to be yarn-bombed.  The mall is cow-themed, as a nod to the historic Irene farms nearby.  There's a huge wire cow outside, four legs and an udder inside the square, two squatting metal men, and a mosaic horse and a sheep.   Plenty of scope and space for hooked items :-)

Even the serviette holders play along!

So after quickly calling around, meeting up , collecting a few squares and spares, we met up early this morning to warm up Irene's inhabitants.  First up were the mosaic...animals outside the coffee shop.  As they are already colourful and have very thick neck, they each only got a tiny saddle.  

Is it s horse?  Is it a sheep?

(We sat inside afterward and watched as kids climbed these animals, pulled on the strings of the "saddles", clearly enjoying themselves to bits).

The udder in the square got four beanies over the teats.  Adult-sized would more or less work, and we made it up a little longer that usual, to ensure a  good fit over the teats.  

There now, that's much warmer!

We would have loved to make leg warmers for the legs, but time was just too tight.  Maybe next year...

Can you tell we were a bit excited ?

We had lots of fun with our metal men! 

The cowl was a perfect fit

Granny squares to brighten him up

They immediately look friendlier, so we got cheeky and sat on their laps...

He didn't like his first beanie, so I changed it. Yes, better :-)


Bren said...

Super cool!

Lynne said...

Haha! This is great! I love your pictures with the metal men, and that cow udder is just perfect!

Jodiebodie said...

Good work!

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

The udder caps ... utterly inspired :)

Stel said...

Ah, it was great fun! We know that the beanies have been taken; just in time as it's gotten quite cool the last couple of days!

Jodiebodie said...

I always pray that the beanies are taken by people who really need them, love them and use them; not taken by people who want to be grouchy about it and throw them away.
What do you think you will do when you see someone on the street wearing one of your beanies?