Thursday, 8 August 2013


And one day, somebody wrote about my group.

(That somebody is my virtual friend Ansie, whom I could happily meet once, and must be one of the most creative people I know.  Have a look at her blog Sol y Sombra, you'll see.)

Ansie is also a member at Ons Hekel, and I met her in South Africa on her quick visit from Dubai, just before she relocated to Australia.  She wrote this lovely article about Ons Hekel for local magazine Idees/Ideas (yes, we publish some bilingually) (also available on Zinio). While I was on April holiday, a photoshoot was quickly arranged at one of my favourite haunts, friends called up, and luckily my sis would be there as well- on her holiday from Ireland.

Ideas magazine, June 2013
(and there's sis, with the black T-shirt :-)

I had many questions after the article appeared, and here are some answers:

The beaded necklace is from Thibela Designs, a women's empowerment project in Du Noon, Cape Town and was a gift from my friend Julia, whose mother runs the project..
The blue and green scarf is this one, from My Picot pattern 2030.
The ripple is this one, pattern is Attic24's Neat Ripple.
The pink, blue, purple flowery scarf isYvestown Blog's Flower Coaster and I used Vinnis Serina.
The crocheted ring Annelize is wearing, was a gift, I don't have the pattern :-)
The flower and leaves on my bowling bag can be  found here at Attic24.
Prym hooks are the best hooks ever and mine were presents from a German friend.

Ideas magazine, June 2013

The charcoal and green/orange/brown variegated wool are One of a Kind Yarns 100% wool DK.
Maryna used a motif similar to the Japanese Flower for a throw.
I bought the buttoned tin at a local market. 

If it looks like we were having fun - we did.  
There might have been a bit of hysterics about the whole idea of a photo shoot, and we might have been on a caffeine trip by then...Post about Pure Café coming up soon!


Kristen said...

Wow, congratulations! Your yarn group looks like a wonderful party. Crafting with like-minded friends is just the best. :)

Gerlene said...

It was lovely to share in the photo shoot!!

Anonymous said...

wow - so cool.

thanks for the mention. ;)

Jodiebodie said...

How lovely to see yourselves in print! :-)
Thank you for sharing and bringing the publications to overseas readers' attention

Annette - MyRoseValley said...

Hello Stel! This is lovely!!! I want to jump right in there in your crochet group. YOu seem to have such a lovely time. I am inspired to start my own group locally, but I am not sure I will find that many happy ladies who shares my love for crochet... Swiss are kind of boring people. Sorry if I hurt someone now.
Very nice article. Congratulations!!! and reagrding Emil and his "snickerboa". Yes, it still exsists. Actually my Dad has his own summerhouse just 10 minutes from "Katthult" where the Emil show was recorded. It is now a tourist attraction and you can go and visit and see all the little wooden men, the flag pole that Emil raised Ida to the top on and everything else. Charming, right?
All the best and thanks for popping in.
My Rose Valley

Stel said...

It starts with you and one more over a coffee :-)
Will have to visit visit Sweden one day! The land of Emil and Pippi, Ikea and Abba, Volvo and fika - many reasons to come on a pilgrimage.