Saturday, 31 August 2013

Yarn Indaba 2014

We were watching the countdown towards Yarndale with envy from here in South Africa...but trust the girls at One of a Kind Yarns to come up with...


"Indaba" is a Zulu word, referring to a meeting to discuss important business.

Now what could be more important than discussing what type of yarn to use, what pattern, to hook or knit, browse exhibitions, attend workshops etc?

Yarn Indaba 2014 will take place in Pretoria at the Voortrekker Monument, from 31 July - 2 Aug.
Keep track of the info their Facebook Page.

(It'll be winter in RSA - but it's still warm :-)


Alessandra said...

Splendid!!!! I would love to be there!!!! Never been in South Africa!!!!
xxxxx Ale

zelna olivier said...

Oh I so cannot wait!! Where do you shop for yarn Stel? I have been buying from New Kayo in Krugersdorp and Arthur Bales in Linden, Johannesburg. Just cannot seem to find a wool "mecca". One advertised online in Boksburg as a "huge wholesaler" turned out to be a pokey little shop that the GPS took me on a 30km detour to find! U seem to be the "go-to" girl in these matters - please help! Ag assebliefie!

Stel said...

Time to come then, Ale!

Stel said...

Zelna - have a look over at Ons Hekel on Facebook, under Photos there's an album called "Wolwinkels", with photos and business cards as we get them. In Pretoria, Wool Knitters Paradise on Steve BikoStr/Frederika Str has great prices, also Wool Mart in Retief Str, near the show grounds. Vinnis I get from Maryna Fouche via Facebook, you can also fget it via Beatrix Snyman. But New Kayo is great for orders, and Arthur Bales when you want to throw around a few rands :-)

Penny said...

Hello Stel
Thanks so much for visiting my blog and your comment about my yarn bombing in Barcelona and the two crochet blankets I have just finished. Lovely to meet you, I am also a South African, come from Durban and have lived in the UK since 1996. I unfortunately can't make Yarndale, too far and its the weekend of my daughters birthday gathering, I would love to go though, but yarn indaba sounds brilliant, I look forward to hearing more about it :0) I loved reading all about your Pretoria yarn bombing and told my aunt about it as she loves in your gorgeous Jacaranda city xox Penny

Stel said...

Nice to see you here, Penny!