Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Heritage Day 2014

Today we celebrated Heritage Day in South Africa, a day I wrote about last year as well.

Today we celebrated many aspects of our heritage:

We spent time with our chosen family: friends visiting from Cape Town, and local friends. Their girls were flabbergasted once when they realised our boys aren't their real cousins!

I had a French breakfast, remembering that some of my ancestors were Hugenotes who came to South Africa from France.

Before deciding on a Croque Madame

I sowed vegetables, like many of my ancestors who were farmers.

I crocheted, like my grandmothers did, and their mothers and grandmothers before them. 

I guerilla-planted some Afrikaner-seedlings (marigolds), because Afrikaners have always been a little rebellious and did things they shouldn't.

The black-eyed Susan was also guerilla-planted

I'm still going to read a new Afrikaans book, with a four word-title containing three languages (only in Mzansi).

We spent time outside in the sunshine; the boys rode their bikes, we ate early mulberries off the trees in the open erf next door.

I wore local-is-lekker clothing - loose linen pants by Ilse Menck, a Mongoose handbag of Design Team fabric.

I made one of Madiba's favourites dishes, sweet  chicken.

I made my mom's Marmite tea cake, a family favourite.

We made a huge fire, just because.

This what I celebrated of my heritage today.

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greenthumb said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a day.