Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Happily Mezzaluna-ing

Mezzaluna V2 is well under way and speeding towards the edge!

Starting with short rows any moment now...

This time it's going much quicker (although there seem to be more counting mistakes...).

I'm using Lollipop Lambslook Aran, a supersoft acrylic, with a nr 5 hook.  I've also changed every 3rd row to tr instead of dc, to make the shawl a bit wider.  

The above picture is a bit misleading (as is the lower one) - the colour is actually a soft blue-gray.  What a difference between early morning coffee shop-light and late afternoon back-garden light!

Tr rows every 3rd row

Almost done with the short rows; I want to try and have it finished by Friday, when we go on the last family hunt of the year.  My yarn stash for The Secret Blanket Project is going along - The Dad must occupy the boys, I'm going to sit next to the fire pit the whole day, pretending to see crocodiles in the Crocodile River.

Do you know "Maddie on things"

 If you've ever had a individualist, eccentric dog, you'd totally get this.  Join Theron Humphreys and his adopted coonhound Maddie on their road trip through America, drawing attention to rescue animals and the people who help them. Love them.
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Gerlene said...

The secret blanket. While I'm reading this, I"m sitting under a 20%-from-finished secret blanket.... Worked on it a bit tonight. Really looking forward to the Indaba!! Enjoy the hunt this weekend. x

zelna olivier said...

This one looks really good - probably be able to wear it with a lot more and leaning towards a more elegant look! (Although I think the other one was stunning with your jeans!) - just ordered a batch of Lollipop Vezuvo online from New Kayo - is this what you used here Stel? Hope you have a super weekend with lots of sunshine, family fun, good food and CROCHET!

Stel said...

The Vezuvo is also Aran, but might not be as soft as the Lambslook I'm using? I have two humongous balls of Vezuvo waiting...two possible projects :-)

sweetpea family said...

your crochet looks lovely - hope you managed your day looking for crocodiles x

meet.make.laugh. said...

This is a beautiful shawl!!! Love it! :) ~Stephanie

Kate said...

I love this one too.
And I also loved seeing you in the last post.
So great to put a name to the face. x