Friday, 7 February 2014

Cornel's mini-bunting pattern

See the lovely bunting in my work room?

The larger triangles I got from my friends at One of a Kind Yarns, and the tiny pink ones I hooked from my friend Cornel's pattern, originally published in Ideas magazine, Dec 2011.

Thy're easy-peasy to do and I hooked up quite a few strings during our road trip down south. That photo-collage came out a bit small, so here's some larger-than-thumbprint snaps :-)

The long road south

The little beads worked very well at night with the Christmas lights on!

Aberdeen farm stall, with the best coffee and pancakes on the N12.

Vellerif table at De Dekke barefoot beach restaurant

Find the pattern on Cornel's blog I Love Pom-poms.
( and make the bonus very-tasty upside-down pear tart!)


cornel said...

Ek's mal oor die kleurskema in jou werkskamer!
En die rooi vlaggies by Aberdeen se padstal - LOVE die foto.
Lyk of julle 'n heerlike avontuur gehad het.
Dankie vir die links na my blog en die patroon... C x

greenthumb said...

It dose look very pretty.

Monique said...

Mooie slinger hoor!