Tuesday, 4 February 2014

My Mzansi 14/2 - Turning NekNominations around

You might or might not have heard about NekNominations...a rather stupid game of virtual tag involving liquor, irresponsible behaviour and YouTube, resulting in the death of at least two people by now.

Trust a local boykie to turn it around and pay it forward.  

Brent Lindeque reasoned why would you waste money on downing a drink and filming it, in a country where so many people go by without a drink, water to drink, food to eat? 

So he accepted the NekNomination coming his way, bought a (soft) drink (soda)...plus a sandwich and chocolate and gave it to the first unemployed guy he saw at the traffic light.  And then nominated two of his friends to do the same or more.  

His clip went viral and people are paying it forward all over the world, from the guy getting a hot chocolate somewhere in the East, to a busker getting a new guitar in New York.

NekNomination, Mzansi style.

Sure, it doesn't solve world hunger, but that guy at the traffic light?  It might have been his only meal of the day.  


homemade@myplace said...

OH this is GOOD!!!!!!
thank you for letting me know about it!!!!
xxxxxxx Ale

cornel said...


Anonymous said...

love it !! jy weet mos. ;)

Lezel said...

Simply love love love his.

Annie Cholewa said...

What a wonderful thing :)