Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A bunting for St Patrick's

It WAS St Patrick's Day.

Our Mondays and Tuesdays fly by in a flash, leaving me on a Wednesday, wondering how I got here.  Still sore from Monday's training, bracing myself for tonight's, and trying not to think of Friday's looming grading.  This is our February and March, on a run with school and everything else, hurtling towards Ironman (husband) in April, after which we can fall into a collective pile.

 So.  What I planned to post over the weekend:

Due to my sis being married to a Cork-man, her residing in Ireland for near 11years now, and me having visited around six times, I'm considered the local Irish representative at my youngest's preschool and as such help out with St Patrick's week each year.

Picture and book display at the circle (Montessori school)

We'll wear something green, hang the Irish flag, have Enya, U2, Van Morrison. The Cranberries and..... How about some Gary Moore? Sinéad O'Connor!  And start off with me re-telling the legend of St Patrick. I might also read about about Cú Chulainn later, and maybe Molly Malone, or The Salmon of Knowledge. And the kids usually love the story of how The Giant's Causeway came to be!

Teachers Shan & Miriam hoisting the flag

Found some clover in my garden!

As for activities, we've previously made shamrocks of playdough, baked soda bread, took a photo of us all as a giant shamrock and sent messages to the cousin's preschool on Cork. This year I have shamrock seeds to sow, we might either make Irish flags or bake shamrock cookies. about potato prints...

Little hands making playdough cookies

In the end I found a box with bright green dot-stickers that they used to make clovers, drew in stems, a rainbow and a pot of gold.  We also searched for a four-leaved clover from the tiny harvest of my garden - no joy there. And I taught them why the botanical name of clover would be Trifolium - knew the years of studying agriculture would come in handy one day ;-)

There were three cakes of Bambi to make a bigger clover with

...even Nessa (ever-patient school dog) played along!

I also hooked up a quick bunting to string at the front door -and didn't take a photo of it in situ :-(

I used double strands of Vinnis Bambi, a cotton-bamboo blend with lovely texture, in a brilliant green. The result is a bit...rustic, but hey, I've ten balls to finish off.  Impulse buy gone wrong :-0

The pattern I printed out, and it has since disappeared in the abyss of my week, but it might have been this one.  Here's another lovely version to try.

With my Africa, Ireland also has a special corner of my heart. 


Alessandra Poggiagliolmi said...

you did a lot more for Saint Patrick's Day in your school than my boys , who attend a British School!!!!! ;oD
xxxxxxxx ale

Stel said...

What's nice about this school - even though tiny, it's quite international. We currently have kids from Germany, France, Eritrea, Nigeria, Uganda and then the few locals :-D
Yesterday they had letters from a sister school in Sweden, and tomorrow there's a granny coming from Nigeria to tell about her own Montessori school.
We'll really miss the school and community; my youngest finishes this year.

Hazels Crochet said...

This is a lovely post, and great to see your school celebrating all different kinds of history. Very interesting :)

Stel said...

Such a great little school, best thing I could have done for my kids. Every yer we meet the most interesting parents as well.