Thursday, 27 March 2014

On the road to Ironman

We're in the final sprint towards Ironman - the last week of early swimming and evening spinning, weekend long rides and long runs.  Your man has abandoned all beer, sugar, chips and other vices, has trained on the road with his bike for the first time in years (it's a bit of a hazard - bike training on our roads) and is feeling in great shape.  Must just not get the sniffles now. 

I am preparing The Cheering Family's supporters T's for the day.

For previous years, I've done this:

Drawn a Super-F shape en let the kids colour it in with waxies, then printed on their T-shirts

When the event more or less coincided with the release of the Ironman movie:

...the boys had the same the year after

Mine, two years ago:

Turned the Ironman logo female
Bad, bad quality  - I lost some of my originals after a pc crush :-(

And this must be my favourite...I saw this cartoon on the Facebook Page of  local cartoonist Kobus Galloway

Note my husband's name???

He uses a clever play with words in his cartoons.  The Afrikaans word for "rice" is "rys", pronounced "race", hence the racing grain of rice :-)  And the speech bubble says "Come Fanie, run!".
I mean, it begged to be used!

So I contacted Kobus and paid for the rights to use the image on a supporter's T-shirt for our family, making a tiny alteration...


(Kobus has since published three books with his cartoons - brilliant, if you understand Afrikaans!)

Unfortunately, my original image also disappeared in a cyber black hole, but it looks like the backup might still print fine enough to make a new T for our athlete, while the boys and I will be going with these:

Supporter's gear 2014

All of us will have his race number on the back, and it's obvious which is whose!
The "Est. 2001" refers to his first Ironman, the Isuzu event in Cape Town.  This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Specsavers' Ironman, of which he missed one, if I remember correctly.
Our T's look a bit worse for the wear - I print on older, end of season T's, as we don't necessarily wear these again. 

So, off we go!

Ps ...this IronWife entered the IronGirl fun run for the first time, assuming that it would, as usual, be a 5km...

Not so.  

8.2 km to conquer.

Might as well be 82. 


Gerlene said...

Good luck with your 82, Iron Wife. And eagle wings for Fanie. x

Jodiebodie said...

All the best and have fun! I love the way you get into the spirit

greenthumb said...

Good luck.