Monday, 23 June 2014

Done! The Snowflake Scarf

And the Snowflake Scarf is finished!

(I promise it is not glow-in-the-dark green...but Blogger insists on uploading my perfectly normal aqua-teal-tiffany blue scarf  with these greenish highlights).

The idea was to make up a scarf with different types of snowflakes, to resemble MG as the "snowflake disease", that is - each and every person would differ in the presentation of their symptoms.  I ended up using  three snowflakes patterns, after realising that I just do not have the patience to figure out how to make all these different motifs fit together in a cowl.  So I hooked three separate strands, one per pattern, where I joined the snowflakes as I went along, and then I threw my hands in the air as I could not decided what to do next.  

(Okay, Blogger is going crazy)

I took it along to our Crochet-in Public event where I hoped to get good advice
(which, of course, I did).

A very good idea was to pre-join all the motifs with stitch markers, and I literally strung it around this cushion to keep everything in its place, with no twisting of the strands.  I positioned the snowflakes so that each loose point of the middle row flakes could join with two joined "arms" of the snowflake below or above.  Then starting from a random point, I literally hooked a chain, linking up and down between the nearest points, trying to balance it as equally as possible. 

(This is the absolute nearest to freefrom that I will ever get)

And then it worked!

I'm thinking of giving this one away at a MG group, and do another one, this time in a brilliant bamboo by One of a Kind yarns, in the same lovely colour.  Might make four or three strands then, but for now, I'm happy :-)

(Isn't it bloody difficult to take a selfie when you need to 'model' something? Eeeek, akward.)

Patterns used:

Lucy Croft's Frosted Flurry - Simply Crochet vol 13
Tuula Maaria's 2-row snowflake
Red Heart's Snowflake Ornament (with a slight change in the 2nd row)

Do you have a medical issue and has crochet helped you in any way?


Kathryn Vercillo said...

It looks like a really beautiful cowl. I love your inspiration and I think it totally worked to use just three different snowflake patterns. Still some variety but also cohesive in design. Lovely.

Stel said...

Thanks, Kathryn.

Annette - MyRoseValley said...

Dear Stel. You make a wonderful model. I really like those pictures of you and what an excellent project. Wow! Love every snow flake. Looks so fiddely... I'm not sure I would have patience for it. Well done you!
Saw that your sister bought the Nordic Shawl pattern and wrote her back immediately to say hi to you! HA ha ha! I hope she will enjoy it and if she gets the chance I would love to see the result.

Lynne said...

Oh this turned out so pretty, and I like the idea behind it as well! Have a lovely day : )

Stel said...

Thanks Annette! In the end, it wasn't that fiddly, but next time round I'll re-think the joins.

The Vintage Folk Painter said...

I love it, in fact I would like to make one. It looks great on you, suits your face.


Bren said...

Absolute fabulous, Stel! Dit is vir my een van die mooiste projekte wat jy nog ooit gemaak het! Bxx

karisma said...

Oh I love the selfies. Awesome. The scarf is really pretty. I kind of like the green colours that aren't real too. Looks fabulous either way:-)

Stel said...

Thanks, girl :-)

Haafner said...

It's gorgeous and the pictures of you are a perfect model indeed, just lovely!

Annie Cholewa (aka knitsofacto) said...

Now this is a very pretty thing, whatever colour it actually is!