Thursday, 19 June 2014

My Mzansi 14/6 - In transit

It was Youth Day and we had a long weekend.

Everybody was getting out, the highway was in shutdown.

Egoli* (City of Gold) glistening in the setting sun

Later that night, we took a double-up (short-cut). 

Farm roads in the full moon

En route to the hunting camp.

Nosy cattle, thinking we're bringing food

It was a long day on the back of the bakkie. 

Young huntsmen


Bren said...

Lekker memories!

Jodiebodie said...

Is the bakkie the name of the vehicle or the tray on the back? In Australia these vehicles are called utes (short for utility vehicle). I love how every country has its own take on these useful vehicles.
I love seeing your country through your photographs with the personal touches.

Stel said...

Thanksm, Jodie!
It's the name of the vehicle, because of the tray in the back (the "bak"). Here we call all LDV's up to 3t a bakkie, bigger than that it becomes a truck or lorry. Utes like you have are also slowly making their way here. On our return from Aus in 2006 I saw the fist General Motors (Holden) utes here (Devil Yellow, I remember!) and also the industrial ones with aluminium-type trays. But the ones like in the photo far outnumber them.