Friday, 15 August 2014

Covering South Africa with blankets

Hooker (and knitters) in South Africa might remember 2014 as The Year of The Blanket Yarnbomb.
When We Covered South Africa With Blankets.

We're still happily reminiscing about the Voortrekker Monument Yarn Bomb
(630 blankets going to charities):

Bean there, helped laying it out :-)

Yeay, it made the front page of Sunday Times!!
(Trust me, the monument, crochet, and English newspaper in one's something to yeay about)

Wool for the people

...and then the next one happened!

Guinness record attempt, Polokwane

Congregation members of the Duth Reformed Church in Welgelegen, Polokwane, crocheted 568 blankets, attached these to cover 1020m2 on a local school's rugby field and will distribute these all over the country.

Here's some stats:
5112 balls of yarn used (100g each)
Cost of yarn  = R81 792
Men, women and children got together on Monday nights to work together; one lady hooked four blankets with the use of only one hand, another hooked fifty blankets on her own.

This attempt has just been submitted to the Guinness World Record's office, and we're waiting with bated breath.

But that's not all...

Another group, Caring with Crochet, is finalising their attempt to be displayed at Loftus Versfeld rugby stadium!

(Plus there was the highly successful 67 Blankets for Mandela Day project).

Lots of people are going to be very happy receivers of all these blankets.


Jodiebodie said...

I love stories like these - so much good generated by ever generous yarncrafters. Blankets are perennially useful for everyone. It is good to see these efforts gaining widespread publicity.
Awesome work! Thanks for sharing this news.

Annette - MyRoseValley said...

SO amazing. Thank you so much for sharing. What an accomplishment. I am speechless and overwhelmed by emotions actually. Because that is what yarn and colors do to you. It hits you straight in your heart!

Stel said...

It was such a privilege and joy to be involved :-)

Annie Cholewa (aka knitsofacto) said...

Brilliant! Loving that this seems to have taken on a life of it's own over there.