Friday, 13 March 2015

My sisi's blanket for Laura

While I'm slowly nearing the end of my summer throw, I can at least brag with my sisi's Elmer Blanket.

She's good at making beautiful gifts for her in-laws, my sisi, and this one was made for her SIL Laura:

Perfectionist, disciplined - look at the neat stitches.  I can only dream ;-)

This was her first project done in Colours of Grace, of which she bought a bagful last year during the Yarn Indaba, and upon starting, immediately ordered more.

Colours of Grace is a 10 ply, hand-dyed organic cotton, resulting in a beautiful, slightly mottled effect, especially when when using a dense stitch pattern like she did. 

A simple join in Natural

She made one square per ball, using 28 colours

"Here it is"
View from above

Oreo the cat also tried to claim it :-)

Elmer Blanket pattern can be found at Little Tin Bird's blog

A last view in the harbour before to its new owner:

Who can spot the Irishman? Clever man - he wasn't going to let this beauty blow into the water!

Colours of Grace can be ordered from Hilda at Yarn in a Barn, who delivers internationally.
Note that some of the current colours will be discontinued, but a new set will be released soon - we're looking forward to see the new colours!

6 comments: said...

Truly beautiful !

Elza said...

Stunning....and yes, I did spot the Irishman. Ha Ha

Jodiebodie said...

Hehehe I didn't spot the Irishman until you mentioned it and I went looking - I was too busy admiring the colours and the scenery!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! Like everything she crochets! Jip! I was wondering who was holding the blanket.

Anne said...

You are right to brag! This is such a beauty!

And I love the cat Oreo ...

Take care
Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

Linda said...

This is beautiful! And Oreo has good taste. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. I have a black and white cat that looks like your Oreo. Some friends of mine got him for their 12 year old daughter, but she was allergic to him so they gave him to me...I sometimes call him Oreo and sometimes Romeo. He is black and white with a diamond white shape on his head, just like your cat, and his eyes are green. :)