Sunday, 15 November 2015

Elise Shawl V2.1...yeaaaaah


Yeees, it had to happen, I can pretend all I want BUT.

I was Very Happy with my Elise Shawl V2.

Even though acrylic, the Lollipop worked very nicely, it looked great, I was so happy with the result and i already had a short opportunity to wear it as intended.  

Buuuut somewhere deep inside, I was still conjuring up, it would have been lovely if I could have made it with Rowan Tweed.  That was even before I saw Gotland yarn, and then WYS's Bluefaced Leicester...I stopped surfing right there (birthday lists...birthday angels...).  Locally we have Nurturing Fibers, of which I ordered, but the colour Driftwood was a bit different than I expected - I will use it for another long-since-earmarked pattern).

In the end, the answer was right here all the time  (can you here Survivor belting it out in the background??).

An ooooold favourite.

Right here, in the stash.  

Not one or two balls...



16 x 50g = 800g

Easily more than I have used.  Easily enough for another go at this pattern. 

Perfect colour and texture for this pattern.

Of course!  What else? Colour Clouds.

I've already started working.

We're not talking about any other WIPS, noooo, especially not the two that have to be finished within two weeks...

MIL claimed Elise V2 :-)


LitlBits09 said...

I'm waiting - and hoping.
Is this pattern going to be available?
I just looked at Ravelry and it doesn't say anything about the pattern for Elise 1.
I'd love to have the pattern, if you decide to share it with us.

Thank you.

Stel said...

Hi - on Ravelry it is the Elise Shawl. V1 refers to my Version 1.

Anne Schueler said...

Can't wait to see how the shawl will look with the new yarn!! :)

We will have our religious wedding next fall, so I think I will make one of these shawls too.... :)

Take care
Crochet Between Worlds