Thursday, 25 August 2011

August Photo Scavenger Hunt

    As usual, armed with (un)trusty old Nokia, I went about my daily wonderings, keeping an eye out for the themes of the month.  Where last month I couldn't find a kite if life depended on it, this month I attended a kite day!
    Couldn't find a funfair. And you know what...there will be one, nearby, over the weekend - but I'm not going that way!  Sigh. Can't win.
    But I found ...
    1. Streetfood  - in the form of jaffles with curried mince. A national treasure, to be found at every church bazaar (fete) in the country.
    2. A boat - outside the preschool, which is housed in an old Scout's Hall.  Lot of sad, unused boats about.
    3. Something ancient - this is where I cheated a little.  Was tempted to use a shot of my old MP3 player that I unearthed from a box after 9 yrs, but then remembered this: A Welwitschia mirabilis and me, taken in the Namib Desert in April. This one should be several hundred years old (I told my boys it eats naughty boys that can't sit still in the car...).
    4. Something bizarre..I really can't think what on earth this means...apart from maybe drawing attention to the best coffee shop in the world just on the right?
    5. A market. Taken at the vintage stall of the weekly "boeremark" (farmer's market) in Pretoria.
    6. A fountain.
    7. Fabric.  To be quilted?  Lovely old piece at my MIL.
    8. Mmmm...the loveliest bread, at above-mentioned market.
    9. A picnic, weekly, waiting outside the gymnastics hall for my Little Man, the big brother.
    10. Sport - A sad, forlorn hockey stick. Who left it right there, behind the fountain?
    11. Mountain - Kite Day on top of the Magaliesberg, just west of Pretoria.
    I like this. Bring it on, September!

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Gerlene said...

Love it all! Will give my two front teeth for a jaffle now!! I have a jaffle press thing - should just use it! You in the Namib desert - looks like a high fashion pic if I imagine the Welwitchia is the skirt of your dress. Beautiful. Boeremark o boeremark.