Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Ravelry Blog-Along 2

I knew I wasn't going to make the weekly updates, so I aimed for monthly, and already I am late!  So here goes, in the middle of the week...

(Apologies...Blogger is playing games with my layout and fonts today)

Knucks” fingerless gloves (knit)

I couldn't find the pattern for the Knucks, hid it away so successfully...BUT I found a pattern for fingerless gloves, knitted with only two needles (apparantly it's usually done with 4?).  Now, I'm in two minds about this.  The pattern is described as easy, which it actually is, but there are parts that are a bit difficult to figure out.  Figured out I did, because I finished the right hand quite easily, but am stuck with the left hand now and actually had to unravel 4 fingers. I WILL finish it, and before this winter is over!  Will wear it, if only for 5 min early one morning.  And then I'm going to knit the same for my husband (on request) in a blue/green/brown self-stripe, to use when he hunts (being a walk-and-stalk bow hunter). And then I'm going to knit some more of these, because it's just so nice to wear. 

 Two cushions for the little beach house

These have been crocheted, super-quick, although I understand now why people describe some acrylics as 'nasty'...these came free with a crochet magazine and although the colours are nice, it was...nasty to work with.  I love the final result. Now to find the right fabric to do the back!


Blanket for Baby M (done!)
Done, delivered and waiting for baby M to arrive, hopefully in two weeks.

Well on the way and enjoying it!


Gerlene said...

Ek sal 'n paar handskoene lief...skimp ek darem nou! Seker Fanie se grote, nie kleiner! Jy gaan mooi aan!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Some acrylic is nasty; I was crocheting some that squeaked as I moved my hook the other day ... yuck!

DH was looking over my shoulder as I asked "Hey, is this Dutch or Afrikaanse" when he pointed out the Voortrekker monument in the background of one of your pictures :) I guess that answers that.

Sandy said...

The gloves look wonderful, and your cushions are cute. Acrylic gets a bad wrap I think, it holds up so nicely knitted and or crocheted and after being washed just once is as soft as the much more expensives yarns. I use some Red Heart, but generally prefer Bernat or Caron (as long as it's not the truly nasty simply soft...that stuff is really awful to work with)

RugbyMad said...

Ek het nou net vir my man gese, ek kan hierdie lees, ek wonder of dit Dutch is. Toe sien ek die Gautrain. Ek is in Johannesburg, dis lekker om vir eimand op die baie groot wereld van die internet te ontmoet wat van die selfde land is. Hello!

Alles is so pragtig. Ek hou baie van die kussings.

Anonymous said...

How great to finish all those lovely things! I adore the gloves in particular.

Janine said...

Lovely cushion covers, I like the colour combinations, just need to get through my blanket and then!!!