Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt, November

Mmmm. After missing out last month I was adamant that my November photos will be done in time and ready way before the end of the month.

He he heee.  That was now before I realised that we had to get through a swimming gala, two school concerts (one spanning 4 nights), a fundraising concert, a family wedding, arranged an unplanned trip to the US (my husband) and just generally hurtling toward the end of the academic and calendar year. I'm counting the 9 sleeps until we leave on our summer holiday!

Now. Some shots I could get, others not.  But because I jouned the Scavenger Hunt so late in the year, I though I'd have a look through earlier photos of 2011 (I know...).  As always, snapped with my falling-apart Nokia Navigator (only has to survive until January!).

Here goes:

1  Poppy.  Nope. No can do, not now. The heat got them all. Was hoping to quickly crochet one, but alas...

2. Memorial.  A replica of the Long Tom cannons used in the Anglo-Boer War (a.k.a South African War). This one is situated in the Long Tom Pass in the position it was used. Mpumalanga, June.

3.  Silhouette.  Me, on the beach at Kenton-on-Sea, Eastern Cape, South Africa. I'm standing on top of a very high dune, snapping away at  my husband and the boys.  October.

4. Something I made  I learnt to crochet this year, and this was my first successful Big Project - a baby blanket for a friend's new little one.  October, in the baby room.

5.  Something purple. So much to choose!  This time of the year, Pretoria is a mass of purple jacaranda flowers, and it was the prettiest I've seen in a long time.  So I took heaps of snaps.  But it's also agapanthus season, and they're a bit early this year, too beautiful for words.  In the end this shot won: a new agapanthus variety, released only last season, "Black Velvet".  It is the deepest, darkest purple you can imagine, utterly beautiful (and my doags already killed one of the three that I bought this month...).

6. Warmth. Early morning fire at the Pretoria Farmers' Market. June.

7.  Polka dots  Polka dot-wrapped nougat at the Unica Christmas Market, Pretoria.

8 A lucky charm I saw this little charm last week, attached to a doilie that was still in the making.  Quite nice, and could work as a lucky charm, I would think.

9. Comfort food I am on a mission to master the baking of rusks.  These came out perfect - rich, slightly sweet, filled with oats, shredded coconut, cranberries, almond, hazelnut and every other I could find in the house.  Perfect with early morning tea.

10   Staircase A very bland-looking staircase at the hunter's lodge where we stayed last weekend.  It is also extremely steep and narrow and I was paranoid about the boys running up and down, seeing as the little one had three nasty cuts to his head already this year! (And now it doesn't want to rotate, sorry).

11.  Something that lights up  My favourite favourite laser-cut iron baobab tree with its Christmas dress.

11. Self-portrait Taken for my book club, with me pretending to be scared senseless by the prospect of reading Ken Follett's "Pillars of the Earth" during the December holidays...

Hee heee :-) 

Now, let's see what everybody else posted over at Kathy's.


Gerlene said...

Love it! I want that boabab!!! Northern Hemisphere was full of poppy's around now, not so in South Africa. As always lovely pics.

Little Blue Mouse said...

I don't know if my first comment worked or not so I'll try again.

I really like your agapanthus and self portrait.

Patrice said...

Great shots! Love that self portrait...

Eileen said...

A great set of photos. Love the self portrait and the baby blanket you made.