Monday, 25 June 2012

A Meadow of African Flowers

I wrote about the African Flower blanket that we are doing, my sis and I, together with our aunty Helena. It's not finished yet, but I thought I'd show you, because it's going to be so beautiful that I just can't wait any more :-) 

When I first started to surf through blogland, I saw this one African Flower blanket, against a light green background.  Usually it's black, or randomly colourful, and although that is also nice, the light green was Just So Beautiful. Of course I couldn't find the image again (will have to SIT with Google images one day), but it sat in the back of my mind, and then I got the idea that my aunty should get one. 
African Flowers on Green.

So after much flowering happening in Ireland...and Potchefstroom,,,and Pretoria...

...there are finally enough flowers to make up a blanket.

Helena brought the whole stash along on a visit, and we proceeded to pack it all out.

Couldn't decided on a favourite - these are some:

Wowieee...I love the cornflower blue one with the red center, or the red one with purple...but also the light blue ones with yellow centres, 'cos they look like real African Violets.

I made one or two "rules":

1. Hook with a 4.5 and DK yarn.
2. The inside part of the flower could be made with any colour.
3. The round of singles, with the spikes, had to be in any green (some look  bit yellow, some a bit blue).
4.  And then the last round, of doubles, had to be in elle "Rustica", a lovely forest green - that also differs between batches, but that's fine.   

(This is an African Violet,  by the way, also known as Saintpaulia. I don't think there's a house in South Afica without one, although I seem unable to keep them alive):

Also available in crochet:

This image is from the Planet June Craft Blog; have a look, and the pattern is available in her shop - look those apples and cacti!  I'm not allowed to, must first finish a few other things.   

But back to the blanket...we packed it out on the kitchen table, moved flowers around, looking at, it is going to be so pretty!  Can't wait to see it finished an on her bed. 

She's busy putting it together now- received this image thourgh WhatsApp this morning:

I'm not going to say again how pretty I think this is going to be ;-)


Luti Wright said...

Your African Flower blanket is AWESOME!!!Beautiful, STUNNING, Gorgeous!!!

Monica Buys said...

Stunning! It is going to look awesome!

Wool Diaries said...

That is outstanding, I love this idea that three of you have contributed to this blanket. All the love that you have put into it. Beautiful

Suzanne said...

I can't wait to see it finished! I love the fact that the background is green. It is so awesome, I would love to have this blanket. Sigh...crochet is so awesome, thanks for reminding me ;-).

Carole said...

Wow! I am so looking forward to the big reveal.