Tuesday, 26 June 2012

One-a-Day Granny Cowl

My One-a-Day Granny Cowl is finished!
(Well, if you don't look at the 7 squares x 6 rounds + 1 black round's worth of ends that is still flapping happily about...)

We left yesterday afternoon on an impromptu hunt with the boys, I had just  about time to grab my hookie things.  While the eldest and Dad were freezing their butts off in the hide since 07h00, youngest and myself placed ourselves as close to the fire as we could, back at camp:

I just had one row of singles to do, all around.  My fingers were freezing!

In the end I hung the scarve around my neck while doing the last bit!  
Here it's all done and doing double duty with my beanie.  

Worked a treat :-)

(You'll note that I'm discreetly quiet about The Great Romany Blanket...)

If you would like to participate in One-a-Day, please link your project in the Tuesday's Tallies at Carole's blog, Gingerbread Girl.


Barbina said...

You are looking great with your new cowl and your beanie! Love the colours you have used!
Have a great day! Barbina

Wool Diaries said...

Lovely cowl and we definitely need it with this freezing weather we are having at the moment.

Anonymous said...

lovely cowl looks lush and warm too

Lori said...

Gorgeous cowl. We could use one here in Melbourne too as its very cold here too. I did check out your african flower hexagons. Oh my, the african flower blanket is going to be beautiful. Seeing them all laid out, the green border was a good choice as they stand out nicely.

Ulla's Quilt World said...

Thank you for your lovely and interesting blog! I love your crafts! :)
Hugs, Ulla (from Finland)

Linda said...

Your cowl is so pretty! It looks really cold where you live.

Stel said...

Linda - only before 8 on the Springbokvlakte, just south of the Waterberg. it's about 80 km north or Pretoria. Midday we were wearing tshirts :-)

The Accidental Housewife said...

The thought of you sitting by a fire, while the men hunt, in Africa... it sounds so exciting!

Lovely cowl, too.

Linda said...

Hello Stel, I had no idea you were in SA! That's amazing:) We almost met at Irene.
Have a wonderful evening

Lori ann said...

hello stel!
i am visiting from linda. looking at all your crochet has gotten me very inspired. the blanket is stunning!!
xo lori

Prettee Craftee said...

Hello hello!
U have won my blog giveaway! Veels geluk lucky fish. Send me your address pls and lemme know of there's anything else you need from London Town.
Cheerio x

Stel said...

Thanks all, for the kind comments. And hanks for the giveaway Celeste! Looking forward to that book. Will inbox you. As for "things from London"...wow, that's open to extreme abuse, so I'll ask for a...nice postcard ;-)

Annette - MyRoseValley said...

Nice! Funny... I was dreaming about making something with the colors denim, burgundy red and fudge brown last night... And here you are with the same kind of color mix. Looks great and cuddly.
Thanks for popping over and good luck with school start. My kids are already bored (!!!) after 1 week of "vacance"... the silly small monsters. :D

Kristen said...

That is gorgeous, an excellent use of grannies! Well done, keep warm. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Stel

Love your blog! felt welcom from the first sight.

Please help I have problems finding a toilet lid cover crochet pattern. A easy and quick one please I'v just started crochetting and still have 10 thumbs. I enjoy your patterns and illustrations. Keep it up! looking forward for this one.

Happy in red said...

Geweldige grannies, je hebt echt heel mooie kleuren uitgekozen!